Thursday, September 8, 2011

Syria Is Stronger Than Libya, Slow Down, Kill Them In Slow Motion

The question is not whether it's ethical to attack this country or that, topple this regime or that, bomb these civilians to protect them or not any more, neoconservative mouthpieces' concerns are now: What are the capabilities of this country? How much it will cost us to bomb it? Will we lose any casualties? How much oil we get in reward?

That's why this article isn't about should US impose a puppet ruler for Syria other than the existing who might accept all our terms, this article from its title starts by a warning: Syria is stronger than Libya?! Syria's strategical location. The Syrian army capabilities.. and on.

So it's not about democracy or 'Protecting People' obviously, it's about invading a 3rd Middle East Country in 1 decade, force changes to the social, economics and geo-strategy of these countries: suck their oil, and in the case of Syria the goal is very obvious: Protect israel. To achieve so, the puppet ruler the CIA is preparing should do the following:

1. Sign a peace treaty with israel.
2. Accept to nationalize 600,000 Palestinians in Syria and abolish their right to return to their homeland.
3. Golan Heights to be leased to israel for a further 99 years hoping Anti-Christ might show up in the meantime.
4. Secure water resources for israel.
5. Since you control Syria, Lebanon comes as a package, same conditions applies including disarming Lebanese resistance, securing water from Litani, nationalizing Palestinians in Lebanon, forget occupied territories in South Lebanon.. etc..
6. The puppet leader should work on an overhaul to the Syrian community to force concentrations based on ethnic and religious backgrounds in order for future dividing of the country into 4 smaller states that will fight in between on everything.

But again, wait, WARNING: Syria is much stronger than Libya, you need to consider in your bombing campaign their T72 tanks, their air defense system, their MIGs and Sokhoys and all the other stuff. So let's take our time in tiring the Syrian army into small enclaves of unrest by terrorist we claim we fight while we support, train, finance and control, try to instigate an ethnic civil war, it usually pays off, sanctions, more sanctions and much more sanctions, if we impose sanctions the people will starve then we come to rescue them from the Famine (Somalia example), and of course we don't forget CNN & others who have a vital role in our campaign, keep lying until someone believes you and demonize the existing regime like we did in Libya and someday President Obomber will announce from the White House before his term ends that bombing Syria is over and now there's no people to fight us back because we killed them all.

The above comment should appear on a CNN blog here: (They said they don't pre-monitor comments but until now it didn't appear, maybe traffic on the way to CNN HQ):

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