Sunday, August 18, 2019

AK Party: Erdogan is in an Unenviable Position?

Many are betting on the measures that President Erdogan will take to counter the subsequent attacks by his enemies since he has all the power tools except for the votes, surveys have shown that most of them are tired of Erdogan’s domestic and foreign policies.

The AKP last week marked its 18th anniversary but without any official or popular celebration. The political circles explained this by the demoralized morale of the party leaders and cadres after the polls estimated the popularity of the parties that will soon be formed by former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and former Economy Minister Ali Babacan at 4-5 percent for the first and 8-9 percent for the second.

If true, these predictions will mark the beginning of the inevitable end of the... Continue reading:

Syrian Security Deprive CIA Terrorists of 400,000 Captagon Pills

Syrian security forces have deprived CIA terrorists of more than 400,000 Captagon pills. On 17 August, authorities in the suburbs of Damascus seized a truck with hidden compartments filled with a large quantity of this Amphetamine-type Stimulant (ATS) known as Captagon.

Captagon pills with other drugs were confiscated by the Syrian security who were monitoring the truck heading from Central Syria at the Lebanese borders towards the south of... Continue reading - video included:

Friday, August 16, 2019

SAA Air Defense Shoots Down Enemy Missile Targeting Masyaf

The Syrian Arab Army’s air defense units spotted and destroyed an unidentified target coming from north of Lebanon and destroyed it before it reached its target in Misyaf area, Hama countryside.

A statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense added: At 11:06 pm yesterday the SAA air defense spotted an enemy target coming from north of Lebanon towards... Continue reading:

NATO Terrorists Destroy Grain Silos before Withdrawal from Tal Al-Sakhr

Tal Al-Sakhr, August 14, 2019: Nothing new with the crimes committed by the Turkish pariah Erdogan’s most loyal terrorists in Syria, like their sponsor Erdogan and like Israel, they are not satisfied with the crimes they commit upon entering a town, during their presence, they continue before they leave.

In their advance to clean more of the Hama northern countryside and Idlib’s southern countryside from NATO’s Al-Qaeda terrorists, especially after cleaning Al-Hobait, Zakat, and Al-Arbaeen towns, the Syrian Arab Army managed to clean a number of other towns, in some the Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists were so defeated they fled before the SAA arrived.

However, in Tal Al-Sakhr Turkey’s agents destroyed the... Continue reading:

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

US-Armed Killers Murder 2, Injure 3, Using Landmines

A new landmines atrocity perpetrated by US-armed and MSM-supported killers murdered another 2 children and critically injured three more. These grizzly, cowardly murders happened on 14 August, in Housh Hajou in the countryside of northern Homs. The three wounded children were taken al Bassel Hospital in Karm al Louz. al Bassel is an actual hospital, unlike the ones that do not exist, yet are the cause of crocodile tears by western leaders, their colonial serfs, and various moral degenerates scattered around the four corners of the world.

As landmines do not fall from the heavens into the waiting arms of the mass murderers in Syria, they also do not magically evaporate when these savages leave. In fact, once they... Continue reading:


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