Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Facebook Inc Goes Big Brother: Asserts ‘Legal Compliance’ When None Required ?

Mainstream media began reporting on 10 January that Facebook Inc., and offspring, Instagram, had begun a censorship campaign. Targeting those who condemn Trump’s heinous assassination of Qasem Soleimani, those sharing reports that General Soleimani was a revered leader engaged in ridding Syria and Iraq of ISIS and other al Qaeda terrorists,  Facebook’s claim of [Kafkaesque] adherence to Treasury’s designated list has provided no evidence of this alleged requirement. Its assertion of ‘legal compliance’ seems ridiculous, given its massive funding of a think tank with ties to official terrorist gangs and…Nazis.

CNN was first to break the news; other MSM reported on the CNN report, which cited an unnamed Facebook spokesperson in a rare, complete sentence: We operate under US sanctions laws, including those related to the US government’s designation of the IRGC and its leadership... Continue reading:

UN Arria Formula Douma Meeting: War Crimes against Syria, OPCW Corruption

The Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations hosted an Arria Formula meeting on 20 January. Named for Venezuelan Ambassador Diego Arria, this process is an informal one, which does not require the standard diplomatic protocol. 

As the UN has been crying poor-mouth and must allocate its few pennies to such important things as SG Guterres flying to St. Lucia to cry over sargassum, it is not expected that the UN will add a report of this meeting to its website, despite the startling address to the attendees, by former OPCW inspections leader, Ian Hendersonwhich included his statement that there had not been a chemical attack in Douma.
Officially called Implementation of UNSCR 2118: OPCW FFM Report on Douma, Mr. Henderson was an invited guest of the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the UN. The engineer and ballistics expert had been “the inspection team leader who developed and launched the inspections, the highly intrusive inspections of the Barzeh facility just outside Damascus. I did the inspections and wrote the report for the two inspections prior to and the inspection after the (chemical facility) or the laboratory complex at... Continue reading:

Terrorist Attacks Kill 3 in Aleppo; Turkey Tries to Force their Mercs into Libya

Terror attacks continue in Syria and continue to be ignored by western media. On 21 January, Aleppo came under another round of murderous rocket shelling. This time, the ground-to-ground bombing attack was launched against the Jamiet al Zahraa neighborhood. One child was murdered, along with two women. Three others were injured.

Savages have been firing from the outskirts of Aleppo and Idlib countrysides, bombing civilian homes, apartments, and small businesses. Over the recent period, fourteen civilians have been killed, dozens injured, and countless homes partially destroyed. Western MSM remain silent, only putting Syria into the news to continue to support terrorists, particularly those in the al Qaeda haven of Idlib... Continue reading:

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Erdogan Settled 1500 Families of His Terrorists in Ras Al-Ain

The regime of anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Recep Erdogan continues its efforts to Israelize north of Syria by settling families of terrorists working for Erdogan in the houses of the Syria people evicted from it, especially in Ras Al Ain city.

Original residents of the towns infested with herds of terrorists loyal to the embattled Turkish pariah Erdogan have fled their houses and properties after bloody attacks and bombings by the invading terrorists. They were replaced with families of terrorists brought from other sides of Syria and from other countries.
The Turkish mad man wants to create a buffer zone between Syria and his regime on Syrian land using these criminals and their families as human shields. Unfortunately, there’s no more wise commanders in the Turkish Army to stop this madness, and the Turkish people have been brainwashed by intensive propaganda and by promises to be ‘evolved’ into a better race either by... Continue reading:

Intercontinental Wars – Part 2: The Counterattack

The USA needs to spread its hegemony across the world to keep inflating its ‘American Dream’, the economy that is backed mostly by paper, futures, promises, poisoned produce, and outsourced businesses.

Lobbycracy’ regime represents the corporations benefiting from it while selling illusions to its people. It managed by ways of deceit and spreading its corruption across the planet to destroy other economies, sanctions, economic terrorism, and real radical terrorists, but it failed to learn the lesson itself and now facing reality. The days of the Unipolar regime where it was spreading its muscles across the planet with unchallenged military force are way behind us and a New World Order is being formed, a Multi-Polar World Order, not what the neocons wanted.
The following documentary by the Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen News channel covers the Energy War, part of the full confrontation between the dying empire and the emerging powers, between the USA and its slave countries on one side, and the rest of the world spearheaded by China, Russia, Iran, and a... Continue reading (documentary video included):


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