Thursday, October 17, 2019

Breaking: Syrian Army Entered Ayn al-Arab at the Borders with Turkey

The Syrian Arab Army is deploying at Ayn Al-Arab, the tip of the Syrian northern borders with Turkey, its vanguards arriving in Raqqa, the city which USA obliterated deliberately and claimed it liberated it from its own ISIS terrorists.

Ayn Al Arab is in Aleppo’s northeastern countryside 30 kilometers east of Euphrates River and 125 kilometers northeast of Aleppo. The arrival of the SAA in this city cuts Erdogan’s plan to create his borders-long so-called ‘Safe Zone’ where he wanted to Israelize the... Continue reading:

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Syrian Arab Army in Manbij, Residents Rejoice

Despite all the threats and against all odds the Syrian Arab Army entered the city of Manbij in northern Aleppo countryside, residents met the SAA vanguard units on the streets with celebrations.

Madman Erdogan, the head of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood regime of Turkey, threatened to combat the Syrian Arab Army if they go near Manbij and that his terrorists in uniform and in plain cloth (Nusra Front – FSA) will enter the city executing an illegal agreement between him and his... Continue reading:

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Syria Restored 1554 Schools Completely Destroyed by NATO Terrorists

1554 schools restored out of 5000 schools destroyed by NATO terrorists, 10,000 teaching jobs to be added within a month through a contest all over the country, 90% of the year's education plan is executed despite the War of Terror and Sanctions Terrorism waged against the Syrian people by the USA and its EU and regional stooges and cronies.

In a review presented during a debate called for by members of the Syrian Parliament, Minister of Education Mr. Imad Azab answered a host of inquiries put forward by the MPs some of which pressing about the situation of education and schools in Hasakah province living under the Erdogan regime’s aggression... Continue reading:

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Breaking: Syrian Arab Army Moving North to Stop Madman Erodgan

The Syrian Arab Army started mobilizing north towards the borders with Turkey to stop the crimes and massacres of Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.

The news reported by SANA and collaborated by local sources confirmed at least one convoy passing through Manbij towards the Syrian city of Ayn al-Arab occupied now by Kurds who changed its name to ‘Kobani’.

Kurdish separatist SDF militia fighter collapsed like flies in front of Erdogan uniformed and plain cloth forces.

Erdogan saw in the collapse his chance to commit massacres thinking it will be... Continue reading:

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Dozens of Victims in New Massacres by Erdogan Forces in Northern Syria

Erdogan forces committed new massacres against Syrian civilians in Ras Al-Ain by bombing and by field executing in northern Syria in its latest crimes against humanity committed by anti-Islamic Jihadists in plain cloth and by anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Turkish air force pilots loyal to the pariah caliph wanna be.

Local media sources reported the deliberate targeting of a convoy in the covered market in the city of Ras Al-Ain by air force pilots loyal to the most hated Muslim Brotherhood organization.

The sources stated that among the victims were a number of foreign reporters, we... Continue reading:

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