Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Netanyahu Fooled his People to Get Re-Elected Using the Remnants of the IDF Terrorist Retrieved from Syria

When the news of Russian help extended to Netanyahu to win the elections went as far as extracting the remains of an IDF terrorist killed in Lebanon and buried in Yarmouk Camp graveyard south of Damascus back in April earlier this year, many Syrians, Palestinians, and other Arabs felt heart-broken and disappointed; it was more like a backstab to the Syrians and Palestinians by their Russian ally and a betray of trust, usually this would include releasing numerous Palestinians, Lebanese, and Syrian women, men, and most importantly children held in Israeli prisons.

Netanyahu needed any help to win the elections back in May to remain out of prison on charges of fraud, like all other Israeli officials, usual exchanges would include at least releasing a number of the children and women, and even men kidnapped by Israel and held in detention centers across occupied... Continue reading:

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Breaking: SAA Liberates Khan Sheikhoun, NATO Terrorists Defeated

Breaking: The Syrian Arab Army has taken full control of the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun in southern Idlib countryside, NATO terrorists led by Nusra Front defeated.

The SAA units are now combing the city to make sure the city is cleaned from terrorists and to secure the buildings from IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and landmines, the terrorists usually plant before defeated to continue killing and maiming Syrians, especially children, long after they’re gone.

The other strategic towns and former strongholds of Nusra Front and its affiliates: Kafr Zayta, Morek, Ltamenah, Markaba, al-Lahya, and Latmeen in Hama northern countryside were... Continue reading:

Monday, August 19, 2019

Syrian Air Forces Bomb Near Turkish Tanks Column Forces them to Stop

Syrian fighter jets bombed near a Turkish military tanks column forcing them to stop, as Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strong condemnation statement against the latest incursion of Turkish troops into Idlib to save Nusra Front terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun.

‘Turkish vehicles loaded with ammunition, weapons, and material equipment passed through the Syrian Turkish borders on Monday morning and entered the city of Saraqeb in their way to Khan Sheikhoun to help the defeated terrorists of Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant), which is on the list of the UN Security Council of terrorist organizations.’ An official source at the ministry said.

The source added: ‘This affirms again the continued unlimited support provided by ... Continue reading - video included... Continue reading:

Sunday, August 18, 2019

AK Party: Erdogan is in an Unenviable Position?

Many are betting on the measures that President Erdogan will take to counter the subsequent attacks by his enemies since he has all the power tools except for the votes, surveys have shown that most of them are tired of Erdogan’s domestic and foreign policies.

The AKP last week marked its 18th anniversary but without any official or popular celebration. The political circles explained this by the demoralized morale of the party leaders and cadres after the polls estimated the popularity of the parties that will soon be formed by former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and former Economy Minister Ali Babacan at 4-5 percent for the first and 8-9 percent for the second.

If true, these predictions will mark the beginning of the inevitable end of the... Continue reading:

Syrian Security Deprive CIA Terrorists of 400,000 Captagon Pills

Syrian security forces have deprived CIA terrorists of more than 400,000 Captagon pills. On 17 August, authorities in the suburbs of Damascus seized a truck with hidden compartments filled with a large quantity of this Amphetamine-type Stimulant (ATS) known as Captagon.

Captagon pills with other drugs were confiscated by the Syrian security who were monitoring the truck heading from Central Syria at the Lebanese borders towards the south of... Continue reading - video included:


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