Tuesday, February 13, 2018

SAA Eliminates 150 ISIS Terrorists in Idlib Countryside

At the same time, the SAA keeps a watchful eye for NATO and its allies incursions like the Turkish incursion in the north, the Israeli hit and run attacks in the south and the overall NATO operations.

In its continuous fights, the now experienced SAA units managed to lure tens of ISIS terrorists in Idlib countryside by opening a pocket for them where they fled the battle in front of advancing SAA units and were heading to aid their colleagues in Nusra Front, just to fall in a well-established ambush and get eliminated completely... Continue reading (Video report included):

Photo Tutorial on the Death Squad Helmets | GRAPHIC!

As the Hollywood fifth column persists in acting as the Pentagon and State Department’s public relations bureau, glorifying terrorists against Syria, yet another fraudumentary supporting the death squad Helmets has been nominated for an Oscar. Previous hoaxes have all won awards, but they were mini-frauds. The current nominee, The Last Men in Aleppo, is a full length feature.  It is suitable for a voyeuristic audience stuck in arrested development of comic book heroes. Its title — perhaps subconsciously — erases women (invisible under terrorist occupation, as they are literally caged, tortured, imprisoned, or used as sex slaves), and obliterates the existence of men in the post liberated city.

This author remains enraged at the arrogance of the backers of phony first responders.  Despite the tens of millions in funding from the US, UK, and other EU countries, omitted from the expensive choreography, are the foundations of emergency care: Stethoscope, spinal precautions and related orthotics, and CPR. It is an abomination that only one organization of actual health care providers has raised its voice in condemnation of these malignant fakes — an abomination worsened when the... Continue reading: Photo Tutorial on the Death Squad Helmets | Syria News

Friday, February 9, 2018

Trump's Rogue US Regime Murders Syrians Defending their Homeland | Syria News

The rogue US regime of the evil animal and fake swamp drainer Donald J. Trump, has struck again. At around 2400, 8 February, the war criminal Obama cum Trump coalition targeted 10 positions of Syrian Arab Army soldiers and affiliated militias between the villages of Khsham and al Tabyia in Deir Ezzor countryside.  These Syrian military forces were defending Syrians within their national borders, defending Syrians and the homeland within their legal, national borders.  

Scores were murdered, dozens were injured, and material damage was immense. The Central Command (CENTCOM) of the rogue US regime outrageously issued a public statement, using Newspeak to claim its deadly, atrocious attacks on Syrian forces were in “self defense.”  Can a burglar illicitly, criminally, enter your house, murder your family, decree that you provoked him after which he arrogant asserts his “non-negotiable right to act in self-defense.”... Continue reading: Trump's Rogue US Regime Murders Syrians Defending their Homeland | Syria News

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Crimes Against Peace from DC, & Incest of War Whores

This exposé leaves without shelter or defense, crimes against peace perpetrated by journalists, politicians, mercenaries, and terrorists against the Syrian Arab Republic. It also shines a bright light on the incestuous relationships of paid reporters, diplomats, politicians, and warmongering think-tankers. Written March 2017, a computer glitch misfiled it. Some updates have been added.

The crimes against peace troupe did another pirouette in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) on 21 March [2017]. In yet another sadistic Fifth Column joke on the people of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Never Again! crimes against humanity institution chose Syria’s Mothers Day to host its third exhibit of the fraudulent, emotional war porn Caesar photos... Continue reading: Crimes Against Peace from DC, & Incest of War Whores.. Continue reading: Crimes Against Peace from DC, & Incest of War Whores

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Terrorist Killing Fields of Syria | Syria News

In the latest terrorist atrocity on Thursday, ten civilians were killed and many others were injured in rocket attacks on Esh al-Warwar and Mezzeh 86 neighborhoods in Damascus and its countryside. In the attack on Esh al-Warwar neighborhood, north of Damascus, 7 civilians were killed, four from the same family.

Nasser Mashhour and three of his children, Omar Mashhour, Ayah Mashhour, and Noor Mashhour were killed when a mortar shell struck their house’s... Continue reading: The Terrorist Killing Fields of Syria | Syria News

Friday, February 2, 2018

Moderate Terrorists Kill 10 CIVILIANS, Four from the Same Family in Damascus

‘Moderate Terrorists’ from al-Qaeda FSA groups operating in Eastern Ghouta fired mortar shells indiscriminately against two residential neighborhoods in the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday killing a number of civilians, injuring others and causing material damage.

Esh al-Warwar neighborhood, north of Damascus: 7 CIVILIANS were killed, four from the same family: Omar Mashhour, Ayah Mashhour, Noor Mashhour and their father Nasser Mashhour were killed with a mortar shelling falling on their house’s... Continue reading: Moderate Terrorists Kill 10 CIVILIANS, Four from the Same Family in Damascus

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Amb. Jaafari Gives de Mistura a Syrian History Lesson of Peace

Syrian permanent representative to the United Nation and career Ambassador Dr. Bashar Jaafari gives the UN Special Envoy Stefran de Mistura a Syrian history lesson of peace.

Continue reading: Amb. Jaafari Gives de Mistura a Syrian History Lesson of Peace