Monday, June 17, 2019

Erdogan Slaughters 12 Civilians in a New Massacre in Aleppo Countryside

Nusra Front terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Recep Tayeb Erdogan committed a new heinous massacre today against the Syrian people in Aleppo southern Countryside.

12 civilians killed and 15 injured in Al-Wadihi village in Southern Aleppo countryside yesterday, Saturday, evening after the terrorists positioned in Khan Touman and Rashideen fired missiles against residential houses in the village. The indiscriminate shelling caused damages in the houses in the village.

Some of those rushed to the hospitals in Aleppo city have serious injuries and... Continue reading:

Breaking: Explosion in a Damascus Suburb – Residents

A sound of an explosion was heard in most of the neighborhoods in the Syrian capital around 5:20 pm Saturday, June 15, 2019, Damascus local time, many residents spoke of a moderate size explosion.

Some residents said they heard a second explosion minutes after the first one, this is still unconfirmed.

Syrian media including the Syrian official news agency SANA and some Syrian TV stations reported the explosion as... Continue reading:

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Tadmor (Palmyra) Electric Power Station Restored after 6 Years

Syrian engineers from the Ministry of Electricity managed to repair and restore the Electricity power station in Tadmor (Palmyra) after 6 years of its destruction.

The station consists of two converters of 20 MVA capacity each, both were replaced and all the damage in the station was repaired, as per Fawaz Zaher, General Manager of Electric Power Transmission Establishment.

US-sponsored terrorists destroyed the 40 MW station completely in 2013, they also... Continue reading:

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Syrian Families Released from the Infamous Rukban Concentration Camp

Dozens of Syrian families have been released from the US-controlled Rukban Concentration Camp in Al-Tanf, southeast of Syria.

The released families arrived at the Jaligam crossing in Homs eastern countryside after spending years in forced displacement and detention by the US forces illegally in that remote desert area and their terrorist groups of ISIS and its Maghaweer Thawra affiliates.

US forces and their alternative armies of terrorists hold tens of thousands of Syrian civilians in the Rukban Concentration Camp in the worst humanitarian conditions who fled ISIS invasion to their villages to be directed by the US-sponsored FSA terrorists to a makeshift disgrace of humanity concentration camp at the furthest corner of Syria where they have been held for... Continue reading:

Israel Criminally Bombs Tal al Harah Syria; Many Missiles Intercepted

At 0200 Damascus time, Israel once again bombed Syria, in an attempt to destroy the air defense base in Tel al Hara. Syria succeeded in intercepting most of the missiles, with some material damage noted. Tal al Harah (Al Harah Hills) is 12km from the Syrian Golan, illegally occupied by Israel.

According to SANA, immediately after the war criminal bombings, the Israeli aggressor engaged in “electronic warfare,” that of jamming Syria’s radar. Back in May 2013, the Syrian Arab Army discovered the source of radar jamming, in an Israeli jeep in Qussayr.

Israel has functioned as al Qaeda’s first air force in Syria, since the early days of the foreign-imposed crisis against the... Continue reading:


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