Monday, March 18, 2019

US-Led SS Starves Syrians in Rukban Concentration Camp, Blames Maduro

Rukban concentration camp created and controlled by the USA on Syrian soil is a stark evidence of US hypocrisy pushing aid unto Venezuela.

The Regime Change operation under way in Venezuela is a replica of the same operation undergoing in Syria for the past 8 years, instead of al-Qaeda and ISIS the US and its cronies were able to bring to Syria, we are still waiting to see who they'll bring to Venezuela.

It's a text book and they execute it by the letter, even when their steps do not make sense at all, they'll never be challenged by the Pentagon propagandists aka mainstream or established media, let alone their Congress, Parliament or any of their own people's representatives.

The US-led Schutzstaffel continues to starve its hostages in the Rukban Concentration Camp. The recreation of the SS invader troops — of course –includes illegal French and British occupiers. The US has kept its fascist threat to hold the 40,000 or more Syrian IDPs captive, and has upped its demonic ante by also refusing to allow the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to bring in essential humanitarian goods. Ignored by NATO media, these war crimes are directed by the “same US shouting out loud that its humanitarian aid convoy is blocked by Maduro.”

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

White Helmets “Organ Traders”: State Dept Allocates Another $5 Million

White Helmets, the humanitarian wing of al Qaeda in Syria is to receive an additional five million dollars from the US taxpayers. State Department press liaison for terrorists in Syria, approved allocation of these additional monies, on 14 March.

US commits funds to terrorists al Qaeda White Helmets branch, in Syria. The US State Department has approved the allocation of an additional five million USD to the terrorists of the so-called White Helmets, linked to Jabhat al Nusra, and described as “organ traders” by Syrians in reunified Aleppo.

In June 2018, State Department announced the ‘release’ of $6.6 million in previously frozen money for this armed, humanitarian aid group in Syria. This branch of the US government functions as press liaison for al Qaeda’s humanitarian... Continue reading:

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Western Alarm Clocks for Syria: Terrorist Bombs in Lattakia

Early hours of today Wednesday in the Syrian coastal city of Lattakia weren't normal like usual, or semi-usual, what the Lattakians are accustomed two, the terrorists sponsored by Turkey's Caliph wanna be Erdogan greeted the residents with their own way.

Two explosions heard and rocked the residential neighborhoods were from grad missiles launched by frustrated terrorists under the Turkish sponsorship in northern Lattakia, where Erdogan continues to fail his commitments he obliged himself to before Russian and Iranian presidents.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rukban Concentration Camp: US Ugly Face Recreates SS

US occupier forces again show their ugly political face in recreating the SS at alRukban Camp in Syria, holding approximately 40,000 Internally Displaced Persons hostages, despite the opening of two humanitarian corridors for their safe passage. US temp ‘diplomat’ Jonathan Cook made this threat at the UN on 30 January — and though the US never keeps its promises, it always keeps its threats.

Plans to dismantle the Rukban concentration camp were reported last October. The existence of this open air prison received massive western coverage in November, when the US finally permitted a convoy of 78 trucks filled with humanitarian aid, to safely enter. The source of the anti-Syria colonialist propaganda was “Terrorist Barbie,” al Qaeda’s press liaison, who omitted the facts of joint SAA, UN, & SARC convoys previously being bombed during each attempt to bring food and medicine during a... Continue reading:

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Landmines Kill another Twelve Syrians…& other Atrocities

Landmines killed another twelve Syrians, and injured 15, some critically, on 5 March. Deaths and dismemberment occurred in two areas of Aleppo countryside: Tabbarah Madi and Khanasser.

Five killed in Tabbareh Madi were members of the same family. Landmines in Syria are the demonic gifts that keep killing, left behind by NATO-backed and MSM-beloved moderate criminal psychopaths when the Syrian Arab Army liberates more areas from the pathogens.

Most of these deadly and maiming weapons are courtesy of NATO taxpayers, and nothing quite says O brave new world that has such people in it! as more than 100 countries dumping their criminally insane into Syria, arming them, feeding them Captagon (meth with bronchodilator) and having most of international media cheering them on as they receive... Continue reading:

Captagon and Hashish in Large Quantities Seized in Homs

Homs – Qussayr 05 March 2019: Vigilant law enforcement officials seized a large number of Hashish drugs and Captagon narcotic pills hidden in a farm at the borders with Lebanon.

The seized drugs included hashish stuffed in sachets, Lexus and Captagon pills, packed and ready for distribution. It was intended to be smuggled to the south of Syria.

Watch this video report by the under US & EU sanctions Syrian Ikhbariya News... Continue reading:

Monday, March 4, 2019

US Imperialism in Syria: Daesh, ‘SDF,’ White Phosphorus, Hostages

US and allies have been busy accelerating their war crimes against Syria over the last two days. White phosphorus and “regular” bombings, ambushes and beheading, Syrian IDPs held hostage are not considered newsworthy by NATO media. More shameless, though, are ‘independent’ media increasingly normalizing geopolitical Newspeak.

On 2 March, the US – led fascist coalition, created by Obama and continued by Trump, again bombed al Baghouz — this time a farming village — in Deir Ezzor, with white phosphorus. Un-shockingly, AFP was (safely) on hand to take photos, while omitting the phosphorus bombs, and waxing poetic on the devastation.

On 3 March, US’s multi-billion dollar subsidized ally, Israel, bombed... Continue reading:


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