Friday, March 29, 2024

Israel and Al Qaeda Murder 38 People in Coordinated Bombing of Aleppo

NATO proxy forces of Israel and Al Qaeda carried out a coordinated bombing of Syria's second city Aleppo and its Western countryside yesterday early morning resulting in the murdering of 38 Syrians, civilians, and military personnel.

Israel and Al Qaeda Murder 38 People in Coordinated Bombing of Aleppo

The coordinated aerial bombing using US-provided fighter jets to Israel and an air corridor from over the illegal US military base in the Syrian Al Tanf, and drones provided by NATO-member state Turkey to Al Qaeda Levant terrorists, started shortly after midnight and lasted for hours.

USCENTCOM, the military command in the US joint armed forces responsible for the United States of America war crimes in the Muslim World across Afghanistan through West Africa, commands the military operations and terrorist attacks of NATO's proxy forces from its bases in Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, and its illegal military bases in Syria, Iraq, with the help of the spying base of NATO member state UK in Cyprus.

NATO, the 'defensive' alliance, being defeated in all its wars of aggression and on the brink of imploding despite the recent expansions, is fighting unwinnable wars to justify its existence and the milking of the taxpayers of its citizens, most of whom are more than happy to prioritize funding wars destroying other countries' infrastructure and murdering innocent people in those countries over fixing their own infrastructure and the wellbeing of their own children.

Defeated in Ukraine, Israel, Central Asia, and most importantly in Syria, not to mention being gradually expelled from western Africa, and Southeast Asia, NATO, the 'defensive' alliance became genocidal in an explicit manner exposing its nature after all the makeup in the world fails to cover its genocide in Gaza and the corruption of its puppet regime in Kiev.

Resorting to gruesome levels of terrorism and massacres using the latest weapons is what the leaders NATO, the 'defensive' alliance hope to keep surviving to keep their weapons factories running and their banksters continuing to grow fatter.

More about the latest Israel - Al Qaeda coordinated bombing of Aleppo in this report: NATO’s Israel and Al Qaeda Bomb of Aleppo Murdering Syrians.

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