Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LA Times Reporter in Beirut Tells How Aleppo Mufti Died, The Way She Deemed Sutiable

In Syria we should pray to God to delay the deaths planned for the time being until the unrest in the remote suburbs is over, otherwise whoever dies would raise a doubt that the Bashar himself has killed him!

The 77 years old, yes SEVENTY SEVEN years old mufti after delivering his Friday sermon went home then felt some chest ache, he was taken to the hospital and underwent a surgical operation and died a couple of days afterwards, does that sound strange?

Now to the schizophrenic reporting: "Plainclothes pro-government security forces attacked mourners, and mourners and activists calling for an end to President Bashar Assad's regime."? Say what?

First of all how did the Beirut based reporter know that those wearing plaincloth are security forces? Then pro-government security forces? Since the beginning of the riots in Syria in March we never heard of anti-govt security forces to have pro-govt security forces, the reporter went wild in the imagination here. Mourners and activists calling for an end to President Bashar Assad's regime, during the burial procedures? of a Mufti? Excuse me, I never heard a burial ceremony protesting against the regime, the family of the dead person would definitely not want to turn the respected burial ceremony into a circus.. Unless again some weak personalities want to take advantage of any gathering even if it was a burial.

The reporting in Beirut tries to imply that the mufti was afraid of a visit of security forces personnel because of his sermon, well just some inquiries:
- Source of the visit news? Local Coordinators of Chaos? I wouldn't believe rioters as reliable information source.
- Were the security personnel who visited the mufti wearing plain cloth or uniformed?
- As we know that the mufti is the one responsible of other mosques in his jurisdiction, would he fear consequences of his own sermon?
- The mufti had previous much harsh criticism to almost everything wrong in the Syrian life, from holes in the streets, to people spitting on the streets, to criticizing the regime during his 40 plus years of public service, he never feared a couple of visiting security officers.. very unlikely.

Aniseh doubts that the govt had something to do with his death, wait a second.. Who is Aniseh? oh yes, you said, she's a 45 years old mother of 5, and she's a credible source, because Aniseh is well known in the Aleppo society of 6 million not to lie before. 

Shall I continue? Why not, today Wednesday evening Addounia TV aired 2 interviews with 2 of the late mufti brothers, whom both in their late something and both individually confirmed the story of admitting to hospital, having a cardiology failure with similar nature to their father's cause of death.

So what? He was a critic to the regime, even if he dies of natural cause the regime is behind his death.. Because the reporter is of a known anti-Syrian stance linked to the "Fourteenies" the ousted Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri bloc, who lost his inherited Premiership in a civilized democratic way but can't get over it.

If late Salkini can stir more unrest in Aleppo, he could have done that in the past 6 months and not after things are calming now in general and the pockets left have switched to armed gangs which is denounced by Islamic Sharia in general and in particular.

The rest of the blog is speculations and general news of a copy and paste nature from other news articles. 

Link to our above comment and the article posted on LA Times Blog:

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