Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Reply to Ambassador Ford On His Note

Hastily I wrote this on the note of the US Ambassador to Syria on the Embassy page:

"Thank you Mr. Ambassador for your great contribution in the Syrian Revolution, if it wasn't for your courage, our people in Hama wouldn't get high tech communication devices to connect thru satellite and the shadow Internet, and for the monetary support you paid them. Thanks again because if it wasn't for you & your dept head Feltman our poor people in the border towns would have never been courage to stand up against the govt, how could they've killed those criminals in the official police, those criminal policemen and security officials wanted to deprive our smugglers from their income and wanted to stop them. Thanks Mr. Ambassador for your courageous assistant in creating the chaos in my country, if it wasn't for you we would never have seen sectarian killings anywhere, we would never taste the same freedom our brothers in Iraq had felt or in Afghanistan. If it wasn't for your reports we would have enjoyed sanctions from your country and its allies in order to enjoy the prosperity our brothers in Somalia are enjoying in their famine. Thank you Mr. Ambassador for trying to start riots in Damascus and disobeying the instructions of our FM Mr. Moallem of not travelling beyond 25 Kms. Do you know what the majority of Syrians call you Mr. Ambassador? You might not like it, but guess what, it's democracy we are learning from you: Ford the Delivery Boy (for the stuff you delivered to Hama), Ford the Pit Bull for not obeying Syrian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ford the Mundass (you know what that mean of course). Sorry if that might bother you, although I'm definitely sure your feelings were killed when you caused the first death among the children of Iraq during your country's siege when your Secretary of State said her infamous words: The Price is Worth It, to justify the deaths of half a million child. As You see Mr. Ambassador, words are not enough to describe our gratitude to your excellency, but just want to confirm to you: If it wasn't for you we were about to forget the crimes of the Muslim Brotherhood fanatics in the 80s and we were about to forgive them but you just reminded us that we can't. Your double standards regarding Gaza 1.3 Million human beings suffering throughout their daily lives because of your govt biased democracy spreading, only adds to our disgust to your govt's stance and positions against the Arabs. Mr. Ambassador, Thanks a million for taking off the mask off your ugly face, don't take it personally, it's at the administration you represent in my Country SYRIA."

Posted here: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150286333121938

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