Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NY Times Do Not Understand Why Not Everybody Rioting Against Govt in Syria

Why don't you just commit that you made a mistake in characterizing the situation in Syria and implying your desired domino image that took place in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen on Syria?

Facts: Damascus population exceeds 5 Million, Aleppo more than 6 million, both combined over 9 Million, if you take in consideration that Syria's population is merely 23 million, you can see that roughly half of the population and not a single protest, comic protests you saw on YouTube videos claiming to be in Damascus were done by people coming to the capitol and rioting near a landmark for 5 to 10 minutes max then dispersing by themselves, other effects are added later like multiplying the numbers, the sound of heavy bullets.. etc., your evidence that these were added later is that when you heavily shoot at unarmed protests with a shoot to kill policy, barely anyone will make it alive, not all of them unharmed!!

Other cities like Latakkia, Tartous, Jableh saw very tiny protests not exceeding 20 in each in remote streets.

The infamous events took place in: Hama, Homs (still), Idlib & its suburb in Jisr Al Shoghour, Der Ezzor and Bu Kamal. Talkalakh and Baniyas two small towns in Homs and Tartous respectively, will explain why below but first:

The following cities didn't see a single protester, yes not a single protester and each one is a provincial center: Suwaida, Rigga, Hasaka, Qunaitara!

If you take in consideration that Homs and its smaller city Talkalakh, Idlib and its smaller city Jisr, Baniyas, Der Ezzor and its smaller city Bukamal are all corner border cities gives you an indication who is really protesting, I'll try to explain further.

Any border city would be having smugglers, smugglers would be armed, armed smugglers don't respect law and further they attack whomever threaten their business, including security.

Armed smugglers can smuggle anything, in Syria due to its geographical position and the fact that many items are subsidized in Syria by the govt, armed smugglers specialize in: out of Syria: bread, fuel oil, cooking gas cylinders, money, Syrian made medicine, antiques... Into Syria: cigarettes, electronic items, individual weapons.. Transit through Syria: Drugs mainly to Arabian Gulf and other stuff.

Such smugglers obviously nothing will stop them, if you remember the border towns I mentioned above, during the period of 2 weeks to 1 month prior to the events kickoff in Syria 15th March, 2011, smugglers added few items to their profession: high tech communication routers that authorities found it works on the shadowy internet the US mob called CIA created to destabilize countries, Al Thoraya Satellite 'very costly' telephones that doesn't go through national communication system, heavy machine guns, and a chemical agent to be mixed with water and sprayed on protesters to hallucinate them as obvious here in this Hama.

It's not a coincidence that Condaliza Rice talks about a creative chaos in the Middle East, her team after she left are exactly the same and the one handling the MENA region Jeffery Filtman is the man for this job, and no coincidence George W, his father & his successor Obama promotes a new world order NWO (check this video and don't be surprised), it's no coincidence that Mainstream Media channels, mostly owned by Murdoch, and the others, well, you figure it, all the main channels are teamed up to tell the exact same story copying from each other in a loop till the point that you can't find the real source because each one refers to the other, and a confession of one of the Syria opposition riots instigators confess that the Pan Arab News House Al Jazeera helped him, trained him and supplied him with devices to transmit the events live or almost live as it happens months before the events kicked off, no coincidence that out of a sudden tens of 'Activists' and Human Rights Organization pop up and all specialized in Syria... and the list goes on.

In regards with HRO (Human Rights Organizations) it was found that most of these so called organizations are nothing more than a kiosk of mostly a one man show (London based Syrian Observatory, a man and his son (a fugitive Muslim Brotherhood member and his son in Stockholm), 3 HROs in one family (in Cairo a father, a mother and a son each has his or her own HRO!)... All surprisingly have direct connections with CIA, USA State Dept, and many met israeli officials (Syria & israel are in a state of war, so meeting an official from one country is considered a treason in the other).

It's not a coincidence also that US Dept of State, out of the US Citizen's Taxes finance such opposition figures with few millions of Dollars (see this report) just to create chaos in other countries that don't accept the hegemony of the neoconservatives in control of the USA, and their New World Order that puts bankers (of course you know who control banks) in charge of the world.

Just looking in the near past we see how USA and its NATO allies worked and still working hard to spread democracy and freedom for oppressed people, and from those who benefited we can name: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia.. add Libya now..

Just want to tell my US readers: You are contributing in the killings of civilians by financing such devilish schemes, nobody appointed your country as the World's Sheriff, nobody is grateful except a few of smugglers and criminals who benefit from your hard earned money, you are only creating hatred and more enemies to you, your country and your children. 


First part of this comment is posted on NY Times here: 

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