Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Comments on VOA Role in the Media War Game on Syria

Each time the govt security forces gets involved in a clash with terrorists armed salafist groups, namely Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood fanatics it's reported by your 'Activists' as security shooting protesters.. that's becoming a sick story over time.

Each time the govt security officers get killed in ambushes in remote areas by such CIA backed groups, it's not mentioned but whomever is killed from the terrorists becomes a martyr for freedom, freedom of course but from punishment for terrorism.

Can you explain why your 'Activists' are all based abroad Syria and all of them are fugitive terrorists wanted for crimes including terrorism, rape, drugs and alike?

You can brainwash the blind and close minded extremists, like how Gobles, Hitler's assistant did to Nazis, but you can't brainwash US Citizens anymore with the spreading of internet and awareness.

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