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The Best Syrian Riots Dubbed 'Revolution' Rumors

In this blog we try to name the best rumors spread by the so called Syria Revolution, our effort here is just to shed a tiny light on the media war campaign against Syria, the country and the people.

This will be an open blog, additions can be done, make sure you bookmark it somewhere or follow it in order to see what we remember or our friends remind us with.

List of rumors:

Maher shoots Syrian Deputy President Mr. Shara in a heated conversation with the presence of President Bashar Assad. Rumor was spread twice in the month of April, 2011.
(President's Assad Younger Brother who serves in the Syrian Army is under the direct targeting of the opposition & NATO from the beginning and even before like the ICC re Hariri Court, and Mr. Shara appeared first on TV after receiving a foreign delegation, then after a few months leads a dialogue conference!) 

Syrian army shooting security shooting protesters shooting security which is shooting army refusing to shoot protesters. (Started in Dara city and then used everywhere the military forces aided security in fighting terrorist armed groups.)

Syria's first lady Mrs. Asma Assad runs with her kids to UQ (We say UQ as United Queendom since UK doesn't have a king). (Mrs. Assad appeared in many public events refuting this rumor)

Every day or two a news of defections in the Syrian Army ranks many soldiers. (It's worth noting that this was also a very heavily used rumor to encourage personnel of Syrian Army to mutiny and ever failed)

President Bashar Assad is under house arrest by his younger brother Maher who is in control of all the country's issue. (Younger brother Mr. Maher was a sustained target of opposition figures to instigate a hate among Syrians to him due to the love and respect they have to President Bashar).

Shabeeha attacking 'peaceful protesters'. (All security officials and personnel in addition to any pro-govt or anti-riots was labelled 'Shabeeha' the local term of thugs affiliated to the govt., while in fact these are no other than the terrorist armed gangs attacking the security forces, army, public and private properties..)

Syria's Army 4th Division under the leadership of Maher Assad is attacking 'peaceful protesters'. (1st of all it's not lead by Mr. Maher who is in charge of one battalion inside the Division, 2nd 4th Division is the previous name of the Republic Guards in charge of Presidential and Govt assets and personnel security and it never left its bases around Damascus, the capitol).

Every few days someone of the opposition takes personal responsibility to claim that the Syrian Regime is falling within a couple of days or weeks, during the holy month of Ramadan, on the holy night of 'Laylat Al Qadr 27th Ramadan, during Eid... (All of course turned out to be dumb rumors to the fact that the Syrian Regime is not even shaken till date).

Syrian pilots attacking Libyan rebels and civilians in Libya. (in fact, this could be one of the biggest hoaxes on the international level, it was recently proved that the pilots bombing Libyan civilians were in fact israeli pilots at the request of NATO officials and Syrians who were working in Libya like most of the other nationalities were framed to divert attention off the real murderers. It's worth mentioning that Egyptian workers in Libya before the events there counted more than 1.3 million worker).

Syrian riots protesters were peaceful. (Even most of the worldwide mainstream media houses tried to show a bit unbiased or professional in mentioning that most of the protesters were peaceful meaning in other terms that some were not peaceful, torching public and private buildings, killing and mutilating security officials all proved that it was armed gangs infiltrating the protests from the very beginning).

ArĂ³or is a sheikh (Islamic Cleric). (This guy is one of the worst actors having a direct role in instigating sectarian conflicts within different sects of the Syrian community and playing an act that he is an Islamic cleric where he was dismissed from the Syrian army when he was a Lieutenant recruit because of homosexuality which is prohibited in the conservative Syrian community, in Islam and in the Syrian Army, also he is a wanted fugitive for his roles in bombing public and military bases when the Muslim Brotherhood Criminal Organisation was active in Syria between 1979 and 1982.

NATO members pushing for the prosperity and democracy of Syrian people. (Syrians refuse the democracy NATO brought to all countries it worked on including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia... etc.)

Syrian Army Tanks are shelling the cities of Dara', Talkalakh, Latakkia -this one even shelled from the sea by Navy gunboats, Der Ezzor, Bu Kamal, Idlib... (Anywhere the terrorist armed gangs were more organized and out of the capacity of the security officials whom were asking for the assistance of the army as it has armored vehicles that would protect security officials from medium and automatic weapons used by gangsters. The notable thing is after the army withdrew from each of the areas it was accused of shelling by tanks there was not a single trace of any tank projectile ever).

Shabeeha coming in submarines in Euphrates river to Der Ezzor city. (they are referring to security officers when they used the term Shabeeha, however, the water in Euphrates river isn't deep enough to start with and nobody has submarines even for scientific purposes, as much as this is silly and caused disgrace at who spread it, some media houses actually mentioned it like ANN as an eye witness account)!. 

Telephones, Cellulars, Internet all disconnected. (Every time an eye witness casts his blind testimony he'd mention this rumor and when asked by the TV anchor interviewing him how he's in contact, at the beginning they'd reply they are using secured methods then they confessed using high tech satellite Thuraya telephones. Officials confirmed that never communications were disconnected on any area except when terrorists would destroy a transmitter). 

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  1. haha - love it - keep up the good work.
    All respect and good wishes to the Syrian people.
    Viva Free Independent Syria !!



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