Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Message to The Friendly People of Philippines

As a respected friendly country, the Philippines, we hope it doesn't turn to a mouthpiece of western Mainstream Media propaganda on Syria, Syria is also one of the mostly friendly countries especially to its friends.

Out of 17,000 registered Philippino workers in Syria only 40 asked to be helped to move back to Philippines gives you a great idea about the fabrication in news the western and especially NATO state members propaganda is trying to picture Syria as a troubled area when your own citizens deny the same.

You were under occupation, you still have foreign basis on your own land and we are fighting to liberate parts of our land from israeli occupation - the Golan Heights, and also fighting the NATO hegemony in the region and we are standing firm to oppose their ambition in turning Syria into another Iraq or Afghanistan or a base to invade other countries.

If you help us, you are also helping yourself in the near future, if you don't, that's your matter but don't assist our enemies against us.

Check our page on facebook to see some of the fabricated news about Syria exposed:

Our above comment appeared on Sun Star Bacolod News Site:

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