Monday, September 5, 2011

LA Times Reporter in Lebanon Plays its Role in the Media Game Against Syria

It's either your reporter stationed in neighboring country Lebanon is going dumb or considering your readers as dumb: Do you imagine that a uniformed Syrian soldier would show his face to the camera while abusing detainees and he knows he might face court martial for that?

'Activists' reported, 'Activists' said, 'Activists' mentioned: that's becoming an old and very sick way of reporting news, your so called 'Activists' based in London, UQ (formerly UK but since there's no king) or Stockholm, or Cairo and none in Syria itself; such 'Activists' report news from inside Syria while they are thousands of miles away, I doubt they can give a single piece of reliable news, we've seen examples in Libya like when one of Gaddafi sons reported killed 3 times and 2 others including Saiful Islam was reported detained and same was confirmed by International Criminal Court then they appeared to be false news.

We've seen such reports of 'Activists' of WMDs in Iraq and the US army is still looking for it after more than 8 years.

If you can't report news from inside Syria because the govt blocked you that's not an excuse to copy opposition sources especially when most of those figures are wanted fugitives in major crimes in Syria itself.. So there goes their credibility.

Shootings happening, but how can you confirm it's the govt shooting protesters? What's your methodology in proving that? 'Activists' said?

If govt's security is shooting at the protesters in a random and a heavy way how come a large number of security themselves being killed and by who? Who are those long bearded armed gangs in large numbers appearing in many of the videos using US made weapons not used by Syrian army or security or even by known criminals in Syria? Who is arming, financing, training & smuggling them? Who has access to Afghanistan, many of those groups look like Afghanis, and who has good relations to Taliban and AlQaeda? Well, the conflict in Libya showed us nobody has better relations with AlQaeda than the CIA of the USA itself.

Wake up world, media war is one part of a campaign against a sovereignty of an independent state.

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