Thursday, September 1, 2011

LA Times Outdoes Itself Once Again re Syria Riots

Honestly, if you want to do good to humanity, hand over the contact details of the criminal you dubbed Abu Zeid to the Syrian authorities to save further lives, and by the way, where is his 8 years old son? You didn't tell us, after pointing the gun to the stomach of the kid, what exactly happened?

This is yet another lame story by another lame reporter trying to paint the lame Libyan image over Syria.

People killed, of course, when in the very early days members of the terrorist group called Muslims Brotherhood (based in UK and supported by it) started killing people and security officers in Daraa, nobody believed the govt account because nobody wanted to believe it, believing what the govt says doesn't lead to drama news articles like the lame one above, blood does.
Congratulations on instigating further crimes, you are just a partner in the crimes in Syria as you are in the killings of over 50,000 civilians the NATO protected and secured their path to havens, over a 1 million Iraqi, but this time the coalition of the willing secured and protected their path to havens, thousands in Afghanistan also took that protected and secured way, now Syrian blood is added.
Things on the ground are totally different than your imaginary Hollywood style drama above, but who cares, you didn't care about others, why care now, you need money, money comes from oil, invade countries that have oil and solve your economy crisis.. Syria doesn't have that much oil, but it borders israel, and israel AIPAC finances and lobbies for US presidents and administration campaigns, although it takes its monies from US Tax payers in the form of aid, but it pays it again to destroy israel's enemies even on the account of innocent civilians and criminalizing innocent others.

Our comments on the article titled Some Syrians despair, consider armed confrontation on LA Times:

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