Thursday, September 1, 2011

USA: Stop Creating Enemies To Your People

Just want to ask: If a foreign minister of a country is not the mouthpiece of the president of the country, what's his exact role?

Every time a new US Administration is introduced we have high hopes it will be less bloodier than the previous one, every time they fail us.

Since when does State level decisions be made on 'They Believe' without an evidence: "they believe that the State Department's top Mideast diplomat, Jeffrey Feltman, was the target of an assassination attempt while he was ambassador to Lebanon from 2004 to 2008 and that Syria may have been involved." If they had a shred of evidence of Syrian officials involvement they won't keep silent over 6 years. Rubbish.

However, the US attempt to invade another Middle East country to divert attention from its ailing economy and failing leadership and losing previous conflicts will not work this time, Syria is their goal long waiting on their agenda and will wait for another decade at least.

USA is not the Sheriff of the World, nobody appointed it and nobody appreciates it, so time to focus on your own citizens and stop planting terrorists in other countries and screaming foul when those countries fight those terrorists back. USA STOP CREATING ENEMIES TO YOUR PEOPLE.

Our above comments came on an article published by Philadelphia Inquirer titled: "U.S. says top Syria diplomat is a 'tool'" find it here:

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