Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Neoconservative Michael O'Hanlon on CNN surveys 4 Military Options for USA in Syria!

A neoconservative named Michael O'Hanlon surveys 4 Military Options for USA in Syria!

I thought the guy was smarter than the others, he proved me wrong; hello, you there, Mr. Michael, yes you.. This is Syria not Somalia, just a wake up call..

Shoots, that didn't work, well how about: hello, you don't have money to finance anything.. Guess that's not working either..

Hmm.. Yes: by the way, who appointed USA as the world's sheriff? Can't seem to remember..!

Nah, this guy is a neoconservative, such things he doesn't care for.. How about USA never won a war since WWII? Might win a battle, costly though, but will never win a war.

I guess he's deaf by now, ok then, to readers: Syria has the most powerful, well trained, very well equipped army that didn't see a single defection over 6 months, that only means that the army supports Assad as a start. Rockets also, yes, some call it missiles, not in thousands but much more, do you know what that means? Who dares contribute will be retaliated at, a single foreign trooper sets foot in Syria, it's Samson option for everybody. Nobody dares, bottom line.

How about sanctions? Why all these sanctions aren't effective? Just a reminder, Syria is already under sanctions for over 3 decades and it's by far of no use, Syria's Lira isn't pegged to Dollar, Syria is self-efficient food-wise, doesn't import food, on the contrary, it exports food to needy countries most are allies to USA; Syria exports oil, yes, target the oil, starve the people, wait.. Don't jump to conclusions and don't celebrate, Syria has powerful allies and broad alternatives to export oil to.. You fail once again.

Ok, let's seal their borders, we have Iraq, wait a minute, did you say we have Iraq? Correction, you removed Saddam to hand over Iraq to Iran, the closest ally of Syria!! Seal the sea? Last time you did something similar you lost 240 marines in one blow, still want to give it a try? Syria will provoke you into a confrontation and you lose.

Want to do something useful? Don't mess in internal issues of other countries, you are not the World's Sheriff, mind your economy and welfare of your people & stop creating more enemies by committing more crimes and atrocities, and at the end you lose again.

It's thinkers like the writer of this lame peace that caused 250,000 jobs lost last year in the States, 50,000 Libyans killed over 6 months, over a 1 million Iraqi dead, plus millions displaced, wounded, the famine in Somalia is your creation...

US citizens elect their leaders to concentrate on the well being of these citizens, not to commit crimes in their names then ruin their economy.

Link to the article by Michael O'Hanlon on CNN, and our reply: (comment number 90)

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