Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Former Diplomat Calls a Rude Ambassador: Brave, We Correct Him - NPR

Starting from the title of this article, I was trying my best to see where the Ambassador was brave and all I found was Rude, switch the words and the article will make sense.

An ambassador that crosses all diplomatic lines which are ruled by international treaties prohibiting a diplomat from interfering in the internal issues of the hosting country, avoiding to contact enemy elements of hosting country, taking proper permissions from the Foreign Ministry in the hosting country, and Ambassador Robert Ford in Damascus didn't follow any, in a usual situation such a person would be labeled persona non grata, which literally means: A SPY.

In a visit to Hama city, when some of its suburbs were held under hundreds of terrorists imported and smuggled from nearby countries namely: Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, in his infamous visit which was not authorized by the concerned authority in FM, he delivered high tech communication devices plus money to armed criminals, Syrians labeled him: the Delivery Boy and he was rewarded a 25 Kms limitation to his movements along with a warning statement.

Yet, the Delivery Boy commits another offense when visiting a border town to the south of Syria meeting rogue armed criminals.. continued.. 1/2 (comment)

2/2 (comment) continue from last comment: Syrian citizens labeled him Pit Bull, as he ignored instructions and the previous warning causing him another harsh statement.

Yet, the rude ambassador doesn't stop, he hears of a sit in by the country's lawyers calling for an amendment to minor's law parental custody (A Mere Internal Issue), the rude ambassador goes there and try to take advantage to find lawyers who might go against the govt since there is already a sit in, and when lawyers discovered his plot they went to him, cursed him, cheered the Syrian President, even one of them wrapped him with a big portrait of President Assad. He earned the label of the Dumb Ambassador, as he chose the wrong place with the wrong people for the wrong cause..!

Such a person is not brave, he's RUDE, Syrian people don't like anybody interfering in their internal business whatever the cause, reason, result is, he knows, but the problem he looks for criminals like himself to instigate a noise for the hosting country.

He's lucky he's not hurt till now, people are boiling with anger against America by default in regards with its unlimited support to israel even when slaughtering Palestinian civilians, and he just adds salt to the wounds.

PS: part 2 might not be posted, but hopefully it will be to prove unbiased freedom right of speech.

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