Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Comments on a Reply on an Article by FP re Robert Ford

The lying Syrian b*st*ards as you put it are the host country of the b*st*ard American Ambassador, who gets his nose in internal issues of the host country in contradiction to the Geneva Convention governing the relation between the host and embassies. 

The nosy b*st*ard ambassador is very lucky that he was only wrapped with a photo, while the NATO secretary was painted with ink all over, at least Syrians are much more friendly than westerns especially when they are hosting someone and even if that someone is as a b*st*ard as RF.

Do you know what are the nicknames of RF in the hosting country Syria? Take these:
* Delivery Boy: Since his visit to Hama was proved to be to deliver high tech communication devices that avoid the official network in addition to large sums of monies in US Dollars as well as Syrian Pounds which most of it was counterfeit.

* Prince of Jihad: During his infamous visit to Hama RF met Al Qaeda associates whom were smuggled from nearby Lebanon & Iraq & gave them the plan for further days.

* Pit Bull: Despite a restrain imposed on RF not to travel more than 25Kms without pre-approval from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the b*st*ard ambassador went over 60kms to a city close to Jordanian borders to instigate terrorists & local smugglers to start riots against the govt & security.

That is the b*st*ard ambassador no country on Earth would like to have, yet, the Syrian govt still didn't expel him keeping the last line with the American Administration although many analysts think the Syrian govt is using RF as a bait, wherever he goes the govt was able to arrest foreign terrorists and confiscate heavy & medium weapons not used by Syrian troops along with communication devices. Such acts put your b*st*ard ambassador as a SPY.

Link to the article & our comment:

PS. We unwillingly used the term 'b*st*ard' not by our will, but to keep our comment in line with the reply someone wrote.

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