Sunday, September 11, 2011

Taliban Celebrates 9/11 in Its Own Way

I wonder when they say only injuries and not life threatening does that mean losing a limb, partial or total paralyzing, life-time psychiatric shock and other long lasting effects?

Sorry to say guys but those who occupy a foreign country deserve much more than this, your troops entered Afghanistan based on a lie, Your country created Taliban and Al Qaeda, supported, trained, financed and even equipped them, and it would be very naive to think that a caveman can send pilots into the USA to precisely attack 2 iconic buildings and to coincide with an evil plan to collapse a 3rd tower (no. 7) at the same time, and the coincidence becomes more outstanding when we know that the owner of the 3rd tower No. 7 is linked somehow to the strongest lobbying group in the United States with external links to a foreign country, an ally that keeps spying on USA, benefits from Billions of US Tax Payer's hard earned Dollars when they themselves need it more, the same country has a criminal gang that is specialized in dramatic mysterious crimes everywhere on Earth..!!

Anyways, the so called 'War on Terror' turned out to be 'The War for Terror' with the killings of millions of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia (by an American designed Famine), Yemen, now Libya.. This only creates more enemies for your people, put on your hands more blood of innocent people, waste your earnings and deprive you from the welfare, healthcare and education you deserve.

Nobody appointed the USA as the world's Sheriff and nobody appreciate any of its meddling everywhere except one single state on this planet.. Guess which one; if you can't make a guess combine it with paragraph 2 above, in case if you still cannot make the guess I'll give you a hint: It's the only state on this planet that is based on religion (racism) instead of citizenship.. still no clue? Well, it's the only state on this planet that never honored a single UN resolution, ok.. since it's so difficult I'll give you the first letter: israel.. Guess now

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