Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Comments on Times of India Article re Syria

What we know that there are killings, who is killing them the govt is saying armed groups which explains the killings of over 600 soldiers and security officials who obviously don't die by 'Peaceful Protesters' chanting for 'Freedom'. 

Syria has been through the same experience between 1978 and 1982 where armed extremist group called (Muslim Brotherhood) was targeting police stations, army posts, army recruiting centers, intellectuals, university professors, people of different sects.. etc.

The same group surfaced now with the help of the CIA and others, covered in media by Mainstream Media houses the same MSM's that faked news in Libya to facilitate the advance of armed rebels on the govt of the Libyan president Gaddafi.

Out of a sudden and without legal or established credentials tens of 'Human Rights Groups' surfaced abroad Syria reporting the alleged deaths and crackdown by govt on 'Peaceful Protesters', such groups mainly can be described as one man show kiosks since nothing comes out of such groups except by the heads of it, but there's no members and no known offices!! The worst part is when we know that most of these kiosks are run by sons of the same people involved in the events in the 1978 - 1982 crimes. 
NATO is very eager in delivering the US proposed New Middle East by "Creative Chaos" as introduced by former US Secretary of State Rice and her president then George W Bush, as an advanced step towards the "New World Order" introduced itself by Bush's own father George Bush Senior.

MENA (Middle East & North Africa) due to its strategical geographic location and wealth it has, if Syria falls the road will be easier towards Iran then east to swallow what's left of countries and squeeze the others. India will not be an exceptional, since the Western countries are facing disastrous economic issues that would collapse their communities and cause chaos there, so why not export their problems, create markets for their goods and suck the wealth of others.

Russia's PM Mr. Putin described USA as a parasite on the world's economy, now you can see why.

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