Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Comments On An Article By Radio Liberty Europe Website Titled UN Rights Body Names Syria Inquiry Panel

Thanks for using using the words: "allegedly belonging to security forces" in your description unlike other Mainstream Media who confirm it's of a security forces without any proof.. Who would believe a force described as "notorious" filming themselves every time while torturing or killing civilians and know it will end every time on western media?! 

How can a country accept a panel to investigate its internal issues and 2 of its 3 members are from hostile countries? How can this country trust their findings not to be biased?

Syria since the first dead incident stated the existence of armed terrorist groups attacking both the security and civilians to create the image of ruthless security and regime, the same was continuously rejected by western media and officials without any proof, but later and behind the scenes confirm their existence. In Libya we were given the impression that there are not a single NATO soldier on ground at any time before the fall of Tripoli and now they come on media to glorify their soldiers' assistance in the battle there, how can we trust whatever they say keeping in mind the resemblance of both scenarios drawn for Syria & Libya?

A country has an obligation to fight crime, civilians always fall in bulk when NATO is involved, but in the Syrian case more than 700 soldiers are killed, by peaceful protesters chanting for freedom?! The country fighting crime can do so in any mean it can to preserve citizens including Army, National Guard, whatever, by the way: Turkey, Syria's northern bordering country uses Airplanes against villages of Kurds!! 
If the country doesn't have the right to fight terrorists, arrest them or even kill them in a fire exchange then Norway doesn't have the right to arrest the killer of 89 of its citizens, UK doesn't have the right to arrest hundreds and try them, USA doesn't have the right to invade countries accusing them to be behind 9/11 like Afghanistan then Iraq.. and the list goes on.

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