Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Comment on The Express Tribune Article about Syria Today

I came to your site through a search I was performing for reliable news but when I read that you based your story on 'activists' I got disappointed sorry to say. The so called Arab Revolts were stained from the beginning by 3 shady elements:

1) Eye Witnesses giving their testimonies to news agencies while sitting hundreds if not thousands of miles away rendering them speculative & unreliable, mostly describing in great details events happening in other cities if not countries.

2) News posted on Social Media platforms including Facebook, YouTube & Twitter, making it impossible to confirm authenticity & in so many cases fake old videos in neighboring countries were uploaded afresh with reference to the country under focus; a large number of such videos were discovered.

3) Human Rights Activists, out of a sudden tens of Human Rights Organizations surfaced from nowhere, based in general abroad the country under focus while specializing in internal events of that country without a single source on ground. In all the testimonies of such HR Orgs the testimony is given to the news agency by the head of the organization in person, simply because all of these organizations are one man show kiosks!

What makes the above dangerous not the inability to verify the information given by the vague sources above, nor the inability of verifying the sources itself, but what makes it really dangerous the intention by some Mainstream Media houses to build a reputation of being the source that touches on what enthusiast want to learn rather than what's really going on, therefore, it'll be competing among each other to attract more audiences by giving higher numbers of casualties of crimes that most of the times never even happened, news of large demonstrations that never took place using the videos referred to above and even in times referring to rallies by regimes as protests against the regime, some of these media houses do so with a profitability intention only, mere business, while some of them unfortunately do it on purpose based on their owners' motives, biggest examples of such media houses are the Pan Arab Al Jazeera Satellite Channel in its Arabic version and a slightly a bit less in its English version, also Al Arabiya, and followed suit BBC Arabic, France24 & CNN.

In the case of Syria, these news stations has given an excuse to broadcast unreliable information as not being able to report from the country itself where a decision was taken by the government to expel all foreign reporters until the picture is clearer based on discovering that many of those reporters weren't innocent in distributing fake news & videos like in the case of Reuters Jordanian reporter Oweis who distributed a video of an injured soldier who was shot by armed elements within a protest & confirmed so twice to the reporter while the reporter released his story that security forces shot the soldier because he refused to shoot at unarmed protesters, for the bad luck of Mr. Oweis, his interview was recorded by another reporter & when authorities matched the 2 videos Mr. Oweis was called for investigation then was expelled.

Insisting that these riots are unarmed civilian protests asking for more freedom is the biggest contribution media houses add in order to cause anarchy and create chaos in countries that have a different opinion to countries who can control these media houses such as USA and its allies.

Check our webpage given above to see how these protesters referred to as 'Peaceful Protesters' and unarmed are fully loaded up to their teeth with weapons from a butcher knife to a gun, a sniper gun, automatic machine gun to 4x4 vehicles equipped with anti-aircraft machine guns, that no country on this planet will accept to have within its people even if they have some 'freedom rights' they ask for. 
Here's the link again: http://www.facebook.com/Amazing.Syria

Link to the article and our comment if The Express Tribune decides to publish it: http://tribune.com.pk/story/221969/damascus-and-death/

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