Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Comment on the Guaridan Poll for UN Intervention in Syria

The crackdown on Hama & other cities by the Syrian army is only in the heads of neoconservatives wanting to torn the world in anarchy and chaos in order to survive their economies, better explained: Riots emerging in suburbs of some cities in Syria by armed extremists Salafists, arriving from Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and neighboring Lebanon where they fought the Lebanese Army in Nahr Bared in 2007.

These are the machines created by CIA & affiliates in order to establish the New Middle East as part of the new World Order.

If you think the Syrian army is facing 'Peaceful Protesters', then I invite you to check some of these 'Peaceful Protesters' videos posted on our FB Page: Amazing Syria
to see how peaceful one can be when armed up till his teeth, butchering bodies of slain security forces, dumping dead bodies over a bridge and down a river from a height.. Peaceful Protesters do not use 4x4 cars equipped with anti-aircraft machine guns, Peaceful Protesters do not usually march with Swords, Shotguns, grenades, Molotov Cocktails, Cooking TNT mines in their houses..!

I'm sure your governments won't allow such 'Peaceful Protesters' to rally in any of your cities as preserving their right to protest, kill, burn public and private properties..! If so, then please let me know which country allows such a thing and you can have those 'Peaceful Protesters' as a free gift from the Syrian People with Free Delivery.

Thank You

The Guardian's Poll & Our Comment on It: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/poll/2011/aug/02/syria-crackdown-un-resolution

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