Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Comment on the Criminal Bayanoni's Article on Guardian

The Muslim Brotherhood (Arabic Al Qaeda Branch) Myth:

I don't want to start this comment talking about the criminal writer, I'd try to comment on its contents first.. oops, I said ‘criminal writer’, well, I'm sorry, but couldn't help it.

Let's start: "When President Bashar Al-Assad came to power all the international, regional and national communities were willing to give him a chance to start a process of gradual political reform". - Name one of those as my memory is failing me to remember any international, regional or national community was willing to give him a chance, of course, the same who stood with his father are the same who are still with him till now, nothing changed.

"But 11 years on, and five months since the start of Syria's youthful, peaceful, nationalist popular uprising, Assad's regime remains unreformed" - very interesting how you can put so many lies in one sentence: Syria's youthful: first of all it's not Syria's it is the families of Muslim Brotherhood criminals and not Syria's because as the events unfold we get more evidence that it's only concentrated in stronghold small areas where such families live. Let's also not forget 3 huge challenges that President Assad had to face during his presidency that delayed reforms but preserved the country as a state: The US led invasion then occupation of Iraq in early 2003; The assassination of his friend former Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafiq Hariri in 2005 & the implications of it especially accusing Syria for the crime for more than 4 years before changing their minds and accusing Hezbollah instead; Then both of the 2006 israeli vicious aggression on Lebanon & destroying the entire infrastructure of the neighboring country keeping high alert in Syria, and after that the 2007 - 2008 extremely criminal aggression of israel on the powerless under siege Gaza keeping in mind over 450,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria.

"Peaceful"? Well, maybe Mr. writer is either delusional, not updated, or trying to hide something, because as everyone saw killing civilians from other sects, security officers and army soldiers and even conscripts, then chopping them in pieces, bagging the pieces and sending to their families, or dumping them into Orontes river.

"Nationalist popular uprising": Let me say that not a single Syrian from any side is against the Syrian President's foreign or national policies. Popular? What do you call a clan of maximum 10,000 all over the country demonstrating for over 5 months & not getting momentum, on the contrary it's decreasing except in some news channels of course, same like who promoted the lies for the war on Iraq.. Urpising: attacking government buildings, killing others opposing your opinion, burning private & public properties, carrying weapons in public, erecting blockades, forcing people to close their shops.. that's not uprising, that's destruction.

"The regime's promised programme of "reforms" – including repealing the state of emergency, licensing public demonstrations, the formation of political parties and the regulation of elections – has proven to be simply cosmetic." How do you know it's cosmetic if you & your party refused to discuss it, contribute in shaping it, refused to take advantage of 2 presidential pardons within a 1 month time covering your criminal mob in specific? Besides, if the president calls for immediate elections, can you explain the steps? or just break the system then we'll see? who will be in charge of election committees? who will monitor? you think Syrian people will accepts international interference in their elections? who will count the votes? on what basis will the elections be held? Existing constitution or you need a new constitution? It's not reform you call for, you are calling for a collapse of a state just like in Somalia to reach a famine after US succeeds in establishing a siege on the country.

“The Syrian people, of all political persuasions, believe that the crimes committed by the regime's forces – which they continue to perpetrate in Dara'a, Doma, Homs, Rastan, Banyas, Baydah, al-Marqab, Jisr al-Shaghur, Hama, Bukamal and Dir al-Zur – have not met an appropriate reaction from the international community.”: Trust me on this: The Syrian people, of all political persuasions, believe that the crimes committed by the Mulsim Brotherhood Terrorists & the crimes they’re committing in several areas of Syria where they have presence, are being ignored by the international community due to the pressure the USA levies on that community and the extreme propaganda practiced by their media tools.

“Assad has proved that he has no regard for the blood of his own people”: Actually, it’s the armed gangs massacres committed by your terrorist organization and if the Syrian Army or Security forces have even used 1% of the force you claim then tolls of civilians killed would exceed tens of thousands till now, or explain how media claims the shelling of Dara during the events there & there’s not a single bomb trace anywhere in the city? And all those reported killed are of same age and within same circles of friends, mostly strangers of the residents of the city itself?

“The time has come to reject this myth”: I’m afraid I have to agree with you on this, but please don’t tell anyone that I agreed with you on anything because I wouldn’t want my name stained with your infamous name. Yes, the time has come to reject the myth you have planted along with your friends Abdul Halim Khaddam, Rifat Assad, Bandar Bin Sultan, Hariri junior and the other gang.

I guess you would be the last person on this planet and your blood thirsty organization would be the last organization on this planet to talk about sects and sectarian issues, no one is more sectarian than you, nobody ever killed on the basis of religion like you & the Lebanese Jaja criminal gangs back in the 70s & 80s of last centuries. The hatred you hold against your fellow Syrians exceeds even Hitler’s hate towards the Russians during WWII, and only on par with the hate Zionists have towards humanity.

Just to wake you up from your delusional ideas and to remind you that the late Assad regime didn’t massacre people of Hama, it was his brother Rifat, your current ally, and those killed in Hama weren’t because of their demand of ‘freedom’ from the state (Anarchy), it was because of the crimes they committed all over the country, or should I remind you with the bombing of the civilian train from Aleppo to Damascus that killed dozens of innocent people by your gang? Or the Azbakiya building bombing that killed scores of civilians and workers in a street in the heart of Damascus? Or the attack on the house of the governor of Hama then Mr. Harba by hundreds of your gang members? Or the bombing on the Artillery School in Aleppo your conscript Aroor committed? Shall I go on? The list is long Mr. Writer of this article, and the people of Syria don’t forget easily.

In Syria contacting a foreign state & accepting aid from it in order to destabilize your own country is considered a ‘Treason’ & it’s not a political point of view like in neighboring Lebanon. In Syria, treason has the capital penalty in the justice system and that’s for a good reason, that’s why you find traitors detained when they make contact with foreign countries and incite hatred in their country between compositions of the country.

The fear that Syria descends into chaos is very justified taking in consideration the armed elements of your organization tendency to anarchy especially those found in Hama, Der Ezzor and the smaller border towns. That same fear that keeps the majority of Syrians not falling for your empty slogans like ‘freedom’, any normal country wouldn’t allow you to burn public or private properties out of a freedom of opinion, or freedom to protest, not any country on this planet would allow attacking police stations with automatic weapons and killing scores of the policemen just because you differ in your opinion with the ruling party and want to voice your own opinion in that matter. If there’s such a country that accepts this please let us know, and I will arrange sending all your gangsters in Hama to that country free of charge, and without trial.

Your organization history is very well known so you don’t need to give us a history lesson on your tolerance when you don’t have any tolerance to anybody else who doesn’t look like you or believe in your ideology.

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