Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Comment on the Washington Post: Question of the Day Article in Regards with Syria

The congresswoman is out of touch or maybe just playing the party game, because even if the administration was a Republican they'd send this specific ambassador: Mr. Ford at this specific time for a simple reason: Syrian people in their utmost majority dubbed the ambassador as 'Prince of Jihad' & 'The Destabilizing Delivery Boy'. Not out of the blue, but the 'Prince of Jihad' is coordinating anti-Assad acts through his embassy in Damascus, meeting several elements in the criminal gangs attacking the Syrian army & Syrias infrastructure, distributing the money needed by the thugs financed by CIA & several Arab countries, going to a maximum unprecedented point by driving all the way to restive areas on one time Hama city, over 130 miles to the north of his embassy just to deliver high tech communication devices to the criminals in the city which are difficult to trace by the Syrian authorities, and against all diplomatic conducts between member states signatories of the Geneva Convention causing Syrian Foreign Minister to threat that he'd restrain the ambassador's movements within a 25 kms (15.5 miles) around the US Embassy in Damascus.

It's not the US Administration who should block the appointment of the 'Prince of Jihad: Peince: Robert ben Ford', it should be the Syrian government which is showing extreme flexibility in preserving the peace & security order in this world that the US & allies are outdoing themselves in destabilizing, taking in consideration the nature of the rogue elements attacking the Syrian army whom are clearly proved to be Al Qaeda members and not a popular uprising by the Syrians; that itself cast a heavy doubt on all previous activities of Al Qaeda since 9/11 & before about its goals & who is able to set them, train these fighters, finance them and coordinate their missions.

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