Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Comment on a CNN Wild Report

Honestly, I don't know till when you can keep spreading your lies! We thought that the lies of WMD in Iraq would be the biggest this century, but there you go, outdoing yourselves for the sake of spilling more blood of an additional Middle East country, all of that just to keep israel safe without any threat when it couldn't even be at par with Hezbulla alone. You guys are sick, worst than Hitler's propagandists.

Your inability to report from within Syria doesn't give you any excuse to base your stories on vague 'eye witnesses', it was such lies that expelled you & others from the country when chaos started by the responsible government there.

A tank shelled a bomb next to a hospital causing the deaths of 55 citizens yesterday? How did you verify that? Two eye witnesses called you from the city that all its communications were cut? Or your 'eye' witnesses are in Abu Dhabi in the UAE like the one your colleague Aljazeerra called & he told them on air that he wasn't able along with people from the area to check the derailed train and even he wasn't allowed to check the train he still couldn't find victims on board?! Is this the low level in journalism you had reached?

Reuters sick Jordanian reporter yesterday at mid day reported "scores were killed as tanks ran into Hama", later in the afternoon he reported that "4 were killed as the tanks were trying to enter the city" then in the evening he reported "9 people killed across the country...& tanks were on the outskirts of Hama besieging the city"..!!! As if people will forget what he was reporting earlier, or maybe like you here, was too anxious to report tolls of deaths letting away facts in the most quiet Friday till now especially in Hama where elders of the city have agreed with the governor to hand over criminal elements & restore peace to their city!

I warn you, any drop of blood spilled in this country when people believe your lies & attack police stations in revenge will stain your hands as the blood of each Iraqi citizen wasted over 8 years because of your lies is on your neck and your colleagues till judgement day. If you think this is a video game reporting fake news from your desks far away just to see blood on the streets & count "scores of dead bodies" I'm afraid to tell you it is not. Those are human beings, just like you and each member of your families, and there's a God up there, even if atheists don't agree, he is watching you & might not shell you with a bomb from a tank but he has his ways in punishing, now & when you face him.

You might win the media war now by selling yourselves more, but that's only on the account of your credibility, honor & humanity.

The link to the article & our comment on it:

Recommended: Read some replies by Zionists freaks on our comments, some even didn't read our comment because they were afraid to face reality.

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  1. Thanks to 3arabi Souri for having the patience to read that Reuters reporter three times in the same day. Reading Reuters is a very dirty job, and I'm very glad I'm not doing it. It's good that someone does do it.

    I sounds like the Reuters reporter and other outside news reporters just don't know what's happening in Hama. SANA is effectively the only reliable source about Hama, since non-government reporters are currently banned from the area. We've had no news about Hama from SANA (or from Syrian State TV) for the past two days (Friday and Saturday), and the information they gave us in Thursday evening was meagre. There was no news from SANA about Hama on Wednesday, and not much on Tuesday. We basically don't know the state of affairs in Hama this week, despite it being a very eventful week for Hama. The last few weeks in Hama are a time that will be in history books later.

    I wish SANA would tell us more, or that the State would allow responsible independent reporters to inform us.



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