Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Syrians Adore Their Syrian Arab Army

'Assad forces shell a peaceful protest with tanks killing one and wounding two more', 'Assad fighter jets are bombing civilian and residential cities', 'Assad tanks shelling indiscriminately into so & so town', 'Assad Shabeeha brutally oppressed the peaceful protesters calling for freedom'... etc.

Each western mainstream media news bulletin should have a bit on Syria, and each bit should contain one of the above statements plus how Syria's allies, namely Russia & Iran, are blocking the 'international community' response, but for 20 consecutive months have you ever thought that this narrative might be not quite right for any of the following reasons:
  1. Who are 'Assad forces'? 
  2. What are their numbers? 
  3. Where do they live? 
  4. From where they came?
  5. Where is the Syrian Army?
  6. Why the Syrian people aren't able to stop these 'forces' till now?
  7. How many are the 'freedom fighters'?
  8. Why most of the focus on Syria? What happened to elsewhere like Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq... etc.?
  9. ...
Of course you didn't ask yourself any of the above questions otherwise you will figure out you were fooled all this time and stop believing the systematically, well organized, synchronized news doses on Syria by a large group of western mainstream media owned by just a few corporations, owned by a smaller few of persons. 

The Egyptian 'revolution' 'worked out' when the Egyptian Army didn't take sides and later asked the former president Hosni Mubarak to step aside after its former chief of staff paid a visit to USA.

The Tunisian 'revolution' 'worked out' when the former president's own security tricked him and send him on a plane then asked him not to return back.

The Yemeni 'revolution' 'worked out' after foreign players agreed on replacing the first man with his own deputy and the army split into 2 halves.

The Libyan 'revolution' 'worked out' after NATO invaded the country and leveled whole cities, killed over 60,000 Libyan civilians (UN figure, true number will never be known) and the guy didn't have a real army or even security to defend the country, yet he fought back with his people, the Libyans for more than 6 months.

The Syrian 'revolution' didn't work out for over 20 months, why is that? What is the Army, Police & Security forces doing to stop against 'Assad forces'?

The explanation is quite simple: There is no 'Assad forces', just like there were no 'Gaddafi Brigades', there is only the Syrian Army, the Syrian Police & Security forces and there is the people from where these soldiers come from. 

If you didn't know, Syria has a mandatory 18 months army service for young men reaching 18 years old if not studying or supporting their parents either parent or both. Conscripts after enrolling for the compulsory service are distributed among the different brigades of the Syrian Arab Army and the Security Forces, including the police force itself. While there are volunteers who are promoted into ranks, the majority are conscripts who serve their term and leave back to civilian lives, remaining in reserves till a certain age and reserves are only called when the country is under invasion. So the Syrian Army, in other words, is comprised of the vast majority of conscripts conducting their military service then leaving, like so many countries in the world, therefore, there's no such thing as 'Assad Forces', which leads us to the second question: If there's no 'Assad Forces', who are the Syrian Army, Policemen and Security fighting?

Hillary Clinton knows how to answer this question, listen to what her former administration did in Afghanistan & think about something I call ToDs (Terrorists on Demand): 

That's Afghanistan, then in order to reduce the numbers of US troops in Afghanistan, especially after most of NATO member states either pulled their troops out completely or largely, you need to reduce the numbers of who they're fighting, in this case: Taliban and Al Qaeda. And in order to reduce the number of Taliban - a mainly Afghanistan students movement turned violent for reasons the CIA knows best, and Al Qaeda which is mainly Arab and other brainwashed Muslims from outside Afghanistan, you need to take them somewhere else..! Yup, you figured it out by yourself, Libya.. With a touch of re-branding by some PR companies in the USA they became 'Freedom Fighters', and now they're Libyans as well..!!!! 

And after Gaddafi was killed by former US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens troops whom killed Christopher Stevens later on, there's a need to move these 'Freedom Fighters' somewhere else, and there's always a dream of the USA since the early 1950s to control Syria, so why not? If it worked in Libya why it won't work in Syria? So they are now known as the 'Freedom Fighters of Syria', wait.. that didn't work, Syrians are much knowledgeable of consumed US products, ok call them Syrian Rebels.. make them wear uniforms and you can call them a 'Free Syrian Army' at the same time, so now you have rebels and a free army.

Now their 'strategical' thinking started to pay out, but there's a still small problem that needs to be addressed: What about the almost 500,000 conscripts in the Syrian Arab Army, Police & Security?! And one of their smartest came up with an idea to experiment on the Sheeple, the audience of western mainstream media, let's call those almost 500,000 troops: Assad Forces & Shabeeha (the ghostly militia)..

The experiment worked and the Sheeple not only bought this 'Assad Forces' thing, they liked it and many started campaigning against these 'Assad Forces' in favor of the 'Free Army' & 'Rebels' formerly known as 'Freedom Fighters' and before that they were known as 'Al Qaeda'.

What about reality and what's really going on there in Syria? Syrian media shows foreigners being killed while fighting the Syrian Army and security forces, it also shows funerals of army martyrs held in their cities and how the Syrian people are reacting (turn cc on for English subtitles - better watch it on YouTube):

Part of the Funeral of Hero Martyr Staff Brigadier Salim Attieh - Tartous Syria

If they call us 'Shabeeha' so well be it, we're Shabeeha forever if this upsets them.

There's a need now to shut down the Syrian media because Syrian media started showing more and more of such reports and because Syrian based media has started to deface NATO aligned media like in the series Misleading Media on Syria - Shaping Public Opinion to get an idea: example 1, example 2 & example 3, for instance.

Western leaders have no shame left and they don't have a problem lying direct in the face knowing they're lying and knowing that the people know they're lying but knowing as well that they've already brainwashed the masses into the cause, remember now the masses are campaigning for 'Al Qaeda' fighters in Syria, so the western leaders have no problem at all in banning Syrian based media even if it's against free speech they're themselves claiming they support in Syria and that's why this whole madness and killing is about!!

Syrians however don't care about what western mainstream media show, what they really care is preserving their own country whatever they have to sacrifice and they continue supporting their army against the NATO imposed fighters:

Syrians adoring their army

One of the massive rallies in support of president Bashar Assad in Damascus
Damascus residents packing the main square in support of president Bashar Assad
Aleppo residents packing Saadallah Jabri square in support of president Bashar Assad
I know if you're a devoted follower of FoxNews, CNN, BBC, CBS, ABC or whatever mainstream media channel you follow the above might cause a shock for you, but trust me, this shock is for the better, you'll thank me when the drones start chasing citizens in western cities based on face recognition technology.

They fool you, they keep fooling you & they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart,
it's because you're foolable
Strongly suggest checking this post titled: FSA Terrorists Will Reform You in USA & FSA Recruitment - Jobs Opening posts to understand more about 'defections' from the Syrian Army and who are these Free Syrian Army soldiers?


  1. Beautiful piece and although it was written long ago - its even more up to date now than when it was written -- as the struggle for liberation of your lovely country continues, fought bravely by your Syrian Arab Army! What is infinitely sad though, is the greed and hegemony the blind people across the Pond continue to exercise on behalf of their demonic and archaic global dominance masters. However, TRUTH, the most powerful weapon, will slay evil and its out now! Hold fast Syrians! Our prayers are with you daily!



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