Monday, December 5, 2022

Deadly Riots Erupt in Southern Syria


The building of the Sweida Governorate 'City Hall' was stormed, looted, then set ablaze by dozens of 'peaceful protesters' who torched police vehicles outside the building then marched toward the police headquarters nearby, killed a policeman but failed to storm the building.

The label is protesting against poverty and corruption, the real motive is another US-sponsored color revolution after failing in their initial more than a decade-long bloodiest costliest color revolution in the world.

It's no coincidence that the riots in the relatively calm Sweida province come as the riots in Iran are becoming under control especially after exposing the foreign hands behind the rioters in Iran and after the foreign hands behind the war on the Syrian people are shouting to disclose themselves.

Local notables and heads of the Druze community, the largest minority in the region, convened, discussed, condemned the riots, and called on cooperating with the authorities to identify and arrest the agitators.

This is not a protest, it's a riot, protesters do not shoot at policemen, they don't attempt to storm the police headquarters, protesters do not steal official documents from the local administration building, documents that concern the people of the province and their properties, and protesters do not carry weapons in the first place.

As I asked in my report to Syria News the US readers, I'm asking the readers of this post to compare these riots to the US January 06 riots where the protesters were not armed, they did not steal documents, and they did not burn the Capitol building, on top of all of that, there were no foreign players supporting them: Rioters Kill Syrian Policeman, Burn the Governorate Building in Sweida.

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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Australian Professor: Zionist Israel Comparable to Nazi Germany

An interview with prominent Australian historian, geo-political specialist, and university professor Dr. Tim Andersson on the Lebanese TV al Manar in which he compared Israel's policies against the Palestinians to those of Nazi Germany against the Jews was removed from YouTube, or say hidden.

Watch the video on Rumble / BitChute.

There have been a large number of Jewish academics and political scientists drawing the same comparison, they are labeled by the Zionist Israelis as 'self-hating Jews' for the simple reason of not accepting the war crimes committed by the Zionists against the Palestinians.

Keep in mind that Zionism is not a religion, and Israel is not a holy divine country, both are political bodies created to serve a criminal colonial agenda by the same creators of Al Qaeda and ISIS, the same creators of every war waged in the world in the past couple of centuries, an empire that is refusing to accept its time has come to an end.

While talking against religious groups of people is not tolerated and is considered hate speech, criticizing the criminal acts of a political entity is not only accepted, it's a duty. People should be very much aware of where to draw the line between these two.

Add to the above, the Palestinians being part of the people of the Levant are the Semites not the European or Asian Jews force-exported to Palestine. Palestine is part of what is called Natural Syria, Geographical Syria, and Belad Al-Sham which literally translates to the countries or lands of Sam (Shem), son of Noah and the brother of Japheth who moved to Europe. The sons of Sam, the Semites are the people of the Levant, as simple as that.

Anti-semitism should be hatred against the Palestinians, and the people of the Levant, but like everything else is twisted in our modern days, some political parties use this excessively to prohibit the criticism of everything Zionist and Israeli!

The above interview was held private by YouTube, in essence not allowed to be published for the public for the time being or indefinitely.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Syrian Rep at UNSC Defaces NATO Members for their War Crimes in Syria

The United Nations Security Council is holding a meeting almost every week and sometimes more for the past 11 plus years just to obtain any resolution the NATO members there will interpret as a justification for them to invade Syria, just like what they did with other countries before like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya...

Their frustration started when they were faced with double vetos from Russia and China, for the first time double vetos, and for the first time China uses its veto for a non-Chinese issue. The writings are on the wall and the whole world sees them except the fools who believe the western narratives until this very day.

In the latest useless meeting, as the Syrian representative described it, he defaced the NATO criminal hypocrite, fake humanitarians, in his statement in which he sums up the main issues Syria is facing and the solutions for the suffering of the Syrian people caused by the same fake humanitarians.

The full transcript of the statement and more details can be found here: Syrian Deputy Ambassador at UNSC Exposes NATO War Crimes.

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Monday, November 28, 2022

Atrocities by the Defensive Alliance against the Syrian People

NATO is a defensive alliance, its leaders say, to prove it's a defensive alliance it invades countries that want to be independent, especially countries rich in their resources or are located in a geographical area in the way of the plundering of other countries rich in their resources.

This report covers a small part of the war crimes committed against the Syrian people on daily basis by NATO member Turkey, the second-largest army in the defensive alliance:

Under the guise of first spreading democracy, then combating terrorism, NATO recruited tens of thousands of terrorists from all sides of the planet, moved them around many countries en route to Syria, trained them, armed them, funded them then unleashed them on the Syrian people, and continues to do so.

When the proxy terrorists get defeated or need a hand in their crimes, their sponsors come to help be it the so-called coalition or individual countries like the USA, UK, and Turkey or entities like Israel.

Ask yourself when was the last time a NATO country was invaded and this defensive alliance was needed to defend it? Then ask yourself how many wars NATO, collectively and individually are involved in?

More in this report: NATO Turkey’s Unreported War Crimes against the Syrian People.

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

US Amy Stealing Syrian Oil Bombed, Again!

US Army operating illegally in Syria was shelled with 3 rockets, the US CENTCOM claimed only 2 rockets struck their base in southern Hasakah province despite the 3 explosions coming out of that base, they also claimed none of their soldiers were injured, as usual when rockets blow up in US Army soldiers their enemies get injured not them!

US Amy Stealing Syrian Oil Bombed, Again!

A statement by the so-called Central Command of the US Army 'US CENTCOM' contradicts logic but does admit that their army was targeted with 2 rockets. They claim a 3rd rocket was found and was not fired, so 2 rockets caused 3 explosions in the school which was turned into a military base for the thieves of Syrian oil within a populace center in Ash Shaddadi city in the southern Hasakah province in the northeast of Syria.

Local sources reporting from the Syrian city under the occupation of the US Army and its sponsored terrorist groups gave a different narrative including the hearing of the sound of 3 explosions, panic and alert among the US troops and their Kurdish SDF bodyguards, and intense flights of drones and helicopter in the region.

You can choose the narrative that suits your brain capacity, however, there's no brain capacity that can credit logic to the existence of the US Army spreading western values to Syrian oil fields, other than what it seems to affirm the pronouns of those oil wells, the trend in the USA.

The bombing of the US army stealing Syrian oil comes after Israel bombed Syria which gives an impression that the Syrian Resistance is behind the bombing, no confirmation on their side except their previous promise to bomb the US army in Syria every time Israel bombs Syria.

Operating with no United Nations Security Council mandate and against the will of the government of the country they are running their operations, the US Army's only goal seems to continue looting the Syrian oil and wheat, propping up their Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, and prolonging the presence and danger of ISIS on the Syrian people and the entire region if not the whole world.

More in this report: Illegal US Army Base Stealing Syria Oil in Syria Bombed, Again.

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