Thursday, July 29, 2021

Italian Politician Giorgia Meloni Slams the French Macron on Africa Exploitation

Italian politician Giorgia Meloni, president 'di Fratelli d'Italia' party, slams the French President Macron on Libya, Niger, Africa exploitation, and Migration in response to the French president's attack on the Italians.

Italian Politician Giorgia Meloni Slams the French Macron on Africa Exploitation
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Both are NATO countries and both are more interested in exploiting other countries when they can but when their interests clash they attack each other just like the Marcon - Erdogan relationship, the French president attacks Erdogan on all topics, the Turkish madman Erdogan responds with the same, attacking France, yet they both intensify their work against Syria, Iraq, Libya, and everywhere their interests meet.

Ms. Meloni is a rightwing, as I understood, she's also a parliament member in her country and has strong views, some might call her views controversial, I personally call it clear views in which all politicians should cut the rubbish of appeasing the public and declare their real views instead.

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Syrian Farmer Killed Several Injured in Landmine Explosion Planted by Biden's Terrorists

Another Syrian farmer was killed and several others maimed by a landmine explosion in Khan Sheikhoun farms in the southern Idlib countryside yesterday.

landmine explosion in Khan Sheikhoun kills Syrian farmer and injures several others

Freedom fighters aka Moderate Rebels aka Al Qaeda terrorists, NATO's dearest investment, continue to kill and maim innocent Syrian people long after they're defeated and evicted from the liberated areas in Syria, they planted tens of thousands of landmines all over the areas they infested and their NATO sponsors, the Turkish madman Erdogan and his sponsors the UNSC NATO trio the USA, France, and Britain refuse to hand over the landmines maps to the Syrian state and instead they're impeding the work of the United Nations agency tasked to help countries demine landmine areas.

That is the 'freedom' and 'democracy' that comes with the US interventions all over the world, Syria is not the first country to be invaded but the Syrian people made sure nobody after them suffer the same, their steadfastness and heroism won the main war on US-sponsored terrorism and is winning the last battles remained causing the regime change domino to work in reverse order worldwide.

This latest farmer was on his pistachio farm working to provide life for his family when the landmine took his life away, orphaned his children, and devastated another Syrian family.

More in this report: Biden Regime Terrorist Landmines Murder, Injure, as Tears Flow on the Hill

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

US Forces Steal Syrian Wheat and Russia Sends 160 Tons of Humanitarian Aid

While the most inclusive and diverse regime of the demented Biden continues to steal Syrian oil and wheat, the main food staple in the country, from the mouths of the Syrian people, Russia sent a cargo of humanitarian aid to the Syrian capital Damascus.

Russia Delegates Arrive in Syria, Bring 160 Tons of Humanitarian Aid

The Russian cargo of 160 tons arrived yesterday at Damascus International Airport and comprised of essentials, medicine, and some other items. A Russian top delegation accompanied the aid vowed to stand by the Syrian people until the country is free from terrorism and the sponsors of terrorists, and to continue extending the economic help needed.

This comes at times the oil and food thieves of the White House junta increase their theft of Syrian oil and wheat from the main fields in northeastern Syria into neighboring Iraq where many testimonies confirmed seeing US helicopters drop supplies to ISIS terrorists in the Iraqi desert. Stolen Syrian oil sees its way through Turkey to Israel and the revenues are used to finance the terrorist operations of ISIS, the Kurdish separatist SDF terrorists play an essential part in this.

More about the Russian aid in this report: Russia Delegates Arrive in Syria, Bring 160 Tons of Humanitarian Aid.

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Al Qaeda Affiliated Terrorists in Ras Al Ayn Fighting other Al Qaeda Affiliated Terrorists

NATO member state Turkey sponsors a number of terrorist groups affiliated to the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, the religion followed by Erdogan and former chief of Al Qaeda Zawahiri, these terrorists are large in numbers, beefed up with weapons, and occupy large areas of northern Syria under the direct protection of the Turkish Army, NATO's second-largest army.


Not only do these Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists fight the Syrian army and terrorize the Syrian people from the areas they still occupy, they always have in-fightings between their warlords over spoils of war and territorial control.

The latest clashes between commanders of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists were in the northern Syrian city of Ras Al-Ayn, a strategic city on the borders with Turkey, the NATO member state. Unfortunately, only 5 terrorists were wounded by gunshots and none of them were killed in this round. We do not mind these terrorists fighting each other, less work for the Syrian Army, except they're fighting inside the cities and the innocent Syrian people are paying the price more than the terrorists.

Worth noting that the Turkish madman Erdogan continues in the role he's tasked by former president of the USA George W. Bush assigning Turkey a leading role in the Greater Israel project dubbed 'Greater Middle East' project despite the consecutive setbacks he received in failing to take over Syria, the army toppling his Muslim Brotherhood workers in Egypt, and now in Tunisia.

Prominent author and expert on Syria Miri Wood details more in her expansive report: Terrorists Loyal to Erdogan Occupation Forces in Syria Continue Fratricide.

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Monday, July 26, 2021

Turkish Erdogan and his Al Qaeda Terrorists Violate the Ceasefire 32 Times in 24 Hours Only!

Never trust a Turk, this is an Armenian proverb, never trust a hypocrite, never trust a traitor, ever, this is what life teaches us, the Turkish Erdogan is an example of a person and a leader who represents a living example of these rules.

NATO Terrorists in Idlib Violate the Ceasefire 32 Times in 24 Hours

The Armenian proverb goes like this: “Never give your back to a Turk, otherwise he will betray you and stabs you in the back."

The Turkish madman signed numerous bilateral agreements with the Russian President and trilateral agreements with Russia and Iran, he had signed numerous other international agreements and sent dozens of letters to the United Nations Security Council affirming his respect to Syria's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, he breached each one and each time.

One of the agreements signed by Erdogan and Russian President Putin is dubbed the 'Idlib Agreement', it was signed in Moscow in March 2020, it's a reminder for Erdogan about the previous Astana, Sochi, and other agreements regarding the ceasefire in Idlib in which Erdogan promised to dismantle al Qaeda terrorist groups and their affiliates he commands in Idlib and other parts in northern Syria after withdrawing their heavy weapons, what happened since is Erdogan has not only beefed up the number of the terrorists in the ranks of these groups, he sends thousands of his NATO Turkish army to protect them hoping the Syrian army will kill a good number of the Turkish army soldiers and he can drag NATO into his fight.

Al Qaeda terrorists commanded by Erdogan, of course, never respected any treaty and continue to breach the agreements their commander signed, the Russian base in Hmeimim counted 32 terrorist attacks by those terrorists from areas under the protection of the Turkish army in northern Syria against liberated areas in Idlib, Hama, Latakia, and Aleppo.

Erdogan signed the 'Idlib Agreement' in order to halt the advance of the Syrian Army to liberate the last Al Qaeda stronghold in Idlib, northwest of Syria, to buy time and enhance the barricades of these terrorists.

More about these latest violations in this report: NATO Terrorists in Idlib Violate the Ceasefire 32 Times in 24 Hours.

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