Sunday, March 26, 2023

Under Heavy Missiles Bombing, Dedicated US Army Complete their Task!

Nothing can stop a devoted army when it's on a religious duty serving its GOD, the US Army is no exception, especially in Syria.

Their G.O.D. is Gold, Oil, and Drugs; the duty assigned to it by its commander-in-chief is to steal the Syrian oil, or as in the words of its former commander-in-chief Trump: 'we will keep the oil, I like oil.'

US Army Stealing Syrian Oil Even While Being Bombed with Missiles!

While units of the US Army illegally deployed in Syria were exchanging missiles with the Syrian Resistance and losing 8 of their troops and 2 CIA agents, other units were continuing their unholy mission loading 148 vehicles with stolen Syrian oil and smuggling it to neighboring Iraq.

"80 tankers designated for transporting crude oil stolen from the Syrian fields, and 60 vehicles containing refrigerators and trucks, accompanied by 8 military armored vehicles, headed through the illegal Al-Walid crossing to northern Iraq."

We're astonished by how faithful these cannon fodder oil thieves are to their higher command, when they are killed in Syria, lose limbs, get PTSD for a lifetime, and are left on the streets addicted to drugs, they will be remembered as the oil thieves and criminals they are, no heroism in stealing the oil and wheat from the people of a country 6000 miles far from their homes.

Yesterday's massive convoy of 148 vehicles was spotted by the locals heading through the illegal Al-Walid crossing to northern Iraq.

This comes in addition to the convoy of 57 tankers of stolen Syrian oil smuggled into Iraq by the US Army on the 4th of this month, March 2023.

More in this report: US Army Stealing Syrian Oil Even While Being Bombed with Missiles!

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Aleppo Airport Repaired after Israeli Bombing, Received First Flight Yesterday

In less than three days after the Israeli heinous war crime bombing of Aleppo International Airport and taking it out of service, the airport is back up in full operation and already received its first flight.

Aleppo Airport Repaired after Israeli Bombing, Received First Flight Yesterday

The plane coming from Sharjah, the UAE carrying 144 passengers landed at the airport, did what connected flights do, and departed again.

On Wednesday, the 22nd of March, the US and NATO protectorate Israel fired a barrage of missiles at the commercial airport while it was in operation destroying its runways and some of its infrastructure, practically, taking it out of service.

The bombing, the second within a month, hindered the delivery of humanitarian aid to relieve the earthquake-struck northern Syria region including a plane chartered by the United Nations which had to be diverted to another airport.

Talking about impunity, not a single member of the United Nations Security Council condemned the Israeli war crime, the council we are told is tasked and entrusted by the world to preserve peace and stability around the world.

A shy 'expression of concern' from the Secretary-General of the United Nation was conveyed by one of his spokesmen and that's it.

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If you're following my posts you'll know about the missiles exchange that ensued after the Israeli war crime between the US Army oil thieves illegally occupying Syrian oil fields and the Syrian Resistance and its allied forces which vowed to bomb the US oil thieves every time Israel bombs Syria, and this time, several civilians were killed and wounded, the exact figure is not revealed yet when the US oil thieves wanted to break that rule and as a result, 8 US Army oil thieves and 2 CIA agents were then killed in the exchange.

Imagine the world's reaction when Syria rightfully starts bombing Israeli commercial airports in retaliation, which should happen anytime in the foreseen future, just imagine the hysteria and craziness of especially the western countries and remember this post.

More in this report: Aleppo Int’l Airport Resumes Operation after Israeli Bombing.

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Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Missiles Exchange: At Least 10 US Army Troops and CIA Agents Killed in Syria

Local sources say that in the past 24 hours, at least 8 of the US Army oil thieves in Syria were killed, those are in addition to 2 'American contractors' who are most likely CIA agents, the high toll among the oil thieves is because of the precision missiles that struck their bases across the northern Syrian Deir Ezzor province.

8 US Army Troops and 2 CIA Agents Killed, Others Injured in Syria

A rule has been set by the Syrian Resistance that each time Israel bombs Syria, the Syrian Resistance will bomb the US Army oil thieve in the country, this time, the US Army tried to change this rule by firing back at a facility killing and injuring scores of volunteers helping the Syrians in Deir Ezzor, the tolls of this heinous war crime vary between 2 and 5 killed and about a dozen injured.

The Syrian Resistance and its allied forces had to remind the US Army oil thieves that rules are set to be followed and not to be breached, even by an arrogant criminal occupying force like the Biden forces.

Israel bombed Aleppo International Airport on the 22nd of March taking it out of service and denying humanitarian aid from getting delivered to the earthquake-struck people in northern Syria.

Followed was a missile strike on the illegal US Army's air base in the Syrian Hasakah province killing the first batch of the oil thieves and the CIA agent/s.

The US Army responded by firing a barrage of missiles from their illegal military base in the Syrian Al Tanf region against a facility in a southern Deir Ezzor city that contains a logistical hub and two warehouses killing and injuring the volunteers at the site.

The facility the US Army bombed was run by the Iranian Consular Center in Syria handling the distribution of aid in the Deir Ezzor province. A strong statement of condemnation by the Center was issued and followed within half an hour by a missile campaign against illegal US Army bases in Deir Ezzor province.

US Army oil thieves occupying Syria's main oil field, the Al Omar field, Syria's main gas field, the Conoco field, and the troops positioned in the Youth Club, and some reports say the same base bombed in Hasakah were the targets of the new wave of bombing.

A single heavy missile also struck the US Army oil thieves in the Conoco gas field which seems to have caused the large toll, 8 US Army personnel killed is the most conservative toll among the local sources from the region.

Why the US Army oil thieves in Syria tried to change the rule of engagement is beyond the political analysts, since their task is to be illegally deployed in the country 6000 miles away from theirs, steal the food and fuel of the Syrian people, support, and command terrorist groups, and support Israel in bombing Syria, they should accept to play the cannon fodder sitting ducks role assigned to them by the people of the region.

More in this report: 8 US Army Troops and 2 CIA Agents Killed, Others Injured in Syria.

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Friday, March 24, 2023

Syrian Army Delivers a Blow to NATO Eliminates 11 Al Qaeda Terrorists

SAA, the Syrian Arab Army units in northern Syria eliminated 11 terrorists from the NATO-sponsored al Qaeda repelling their large-scale attack on the army's post near the Al Atareb town yesterday evening.

Syrian Army Eliminates 11 al Qaeda Terrorists in Aleppo Province

All the terrorists were foreigners, mainly from Turkestan, and all of them were loyal to NATO's second-strongest leader the Turkish madman Erdogan.

Yesterday evening at the time of the iftar, the Muslims' Ramadan fast-breaking at sunset, the Syrian Army's post at Kafr Amma area, east of Al-Atareb in the western countryside of Aleppo came under a fierce attack by herds of the HTS terrorists, HTS is the latest rebranding of Al Qaeda Levant.

The vigil Syrian Arab Army post repelled the attack and killed 11 of the terrorists, wounded dozens of others, pulled five bodies of the terrorists, and confiscated a large number of weapons, gear, and ammunition.

This was the second attack since Syrian President Bashar Assad rejected from Moscow to meet with the Turkish madman Erdogan to help him win the upcoming presidential elections in Turkey in May.

It was expected that the Turkish madman Erdogan would unleash his terrorists against the Syrian people in response to Assad's refusal to help him.

Erdogan wanted a photo-op with the Syrian President to fool his people as he reached a deal with Syria to return the Syrian refugees. President Assad said that a meeting with the Turkish madman would be considered if Turkey explicitly declares its readiness to completely withdraw its forces, the Turkish army and al Qaeda terrorists, from northern Syria,; the condition was immediately rejected by Turkish officials

More in this report: Syrian Army Eliminates 11 al Qaeda Terrorists in Aleppo Province - GRAPHIC video included.

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Syrian Resistance Neutralizes CIA Agents and US Troops in Syria

Syrian Resistance in northern Syria killed and wounded a number of US Army oil thieves including CIA agents in an attack on an illegal US military base, the US CENTCOM retaliated by bombing warehouses in a southern suburb of Deir Ezzor.

In retaliation to the heinous war crime bombing of Aleppo International Airport by Israel, the Syrian Resistance in Hasakah province bombed the illegal US military air base in Kharab Al Jier.

The bombing of the illegal US military base resulted in the killing of at least one CIA agent, injuring 5 US Army troops, and another CIA agent stealing Syrian oil.

Syrian Resistance has vowed to bomb the US Army cannon fodders for Israel each time Israel bombs a site in Syria.

In its turn, the US Army bombed two warehouses in a southern suburb in Deir Ezzor city it claimed were used by 'groups affiliated with the Iranian IRGC' denying the presence and statements of the Syrian Resistance and claiming it's fighting larger forces in Syria, as usual.

Biden, like his predecessor Trump, and his predecessor Obama (controlled by Biden) illegally deploy troops in Syria, their latest count was 900 minus today's casualties, to steal the Syrian oil as Trump explicitly declared when he was the commander in chief of the US Army.

More in this report: CIA Agent Killed, Others Wounded in a Bombing of a US Base in Syria.

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