Thursday, December 5, 2019

SDF Brings Back the US Oil Thieves Despite their Agreement with the Russians

The Kurdish SDF separatist militias are trying to ‘Erdoganize’ their bets, jumping on four ropes at the same time: their submission to the USA and Israel, their shaky agreements with Russia and Syria, and their role in luring in NATO member state Turkey into Syria playing the useful fools in giving the Turkish madman Erdogan the pretext he uses to justify his illegal incursion into the northern territories of Syria. As in their role model Erdogan, in the end, they gain little tactically and lose greatly strategically.

After Moscow reached an agreement with Kurdish forces a few days ago to deploy its forces in three towns in northern Syria in order to avoid Ankara expanding its military operations, SDF announces the deployment of its militia alongside the US-led ‘Coalition’ forces at seven deployment points around... Continue reading (video report included):

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Power of Siberia, Russian Chinese Cooperation at Mega Levels

The inauguration of the Power of Siberia project to transport gas from Russia to China will strengthen Russia’s position as the world’s first gas exporter and boost economic relations between the two countries in an unprecedented way.

Thanks to the US politicians getting busy with their inner fights over who won the presidency and later over who is more corrupt with power in a newly controlled country (Ukraine), the excessive use of sanctions, and the anti-‘free trade’ war, other global superpowers are solidifying their positions and leaping ahead in steady growth.
Destroying Syria by the US-led War of Terror was partly because the Syrian President Bashar Assad rejected to isolate Russia and Iran by severing the relations with them and by allowing a Qatari gas pipeline through Syria to Europe which would have starved both the Russian and... Continue reading (video report included):

Monday, December 2, 2019

Syria Slams US Meddling in the Syrian Constitution Committee Talks

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs slammed the regime of Donald Trump for its attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries after the US State Department issued a statement to interfere in the works of the Syrian Constitution Committees deliberations in Geneva.

A spokesperson for the ministry said to the Syrian official news agency SANA ‘the dialogue is a Syrian-Syrian one and no one has the right to interfere in it or support any party under any pretext.’
The spokesperson outlined that the role of the United Nations represented by its special envoy Geir Pederson is limited to facilitating the committees’ discussions only and... Continue reading:

Sunday, December 1, 2019

600 Establishments Resume Work at Aleppo Industrial City, Sheikh Najjar

Aleppo, Syria’s second-largest city and the region’s economic power horse is getting back on its feet again, despite all the efforts by the US and its NATO stooges and terrorists.

It’s moving forward slowly but steadily, with over 600 establishments resuming work at the once-thriving Aleppo Industrial City at Sheikh Najjar, which Turkey’s madman Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood criminals looted to its skeleton and then destroyed like all other areas infested by followers of... Continue reading (video report included):

Friday, November 29, 2019

Assad to Paris Match: France Should Return to International Law

Syrian President Bashar al Assad received RĂ©gis Le Sommier in Damascus, for one of those rare interviews given to western journalists whose countries engage in war crimes against Syria. Le Sommier, co-editor of the Paris Match weekly, immediately reminded Dr. Assad of their meeting in November 2014. He did, however, show some decency by not mentioning his book, Assad, based on the earlier interview, and about which Paris Match once remarked, How can a journalist face up to a tyrant? Exclude him from his scope of investigation? Or approach him, try to grasp his mechanics? The question arises regularly at the whim of the dictators who parade at the head of certain states. 

It is fascinating to view the derivative outcomes of these “rare” interviews. Le Sommier created a book, published in 2018. In May 2013, Marcelo Cantelmi used his ‘rare interview’ to launch a scathing attack on Syria and its President al Assad, before releasing dribbles of the interview, over a few days. In January 2015, Foreign Affairs managing editor, Jonathan Tepperman, used his rare interview to also launch a series of anti-Syria propaganda reports — including his complaints that the presidential palace was not bullet-ridden, and rat-infested — via his report on the interview and his being interviewed about the interview…weeks before the actual interview was published.
Le Sommier was discreet enough not to mention Paris Match‘s sweet report on Belgian Michel, armed terrorist in Syria, who returned home to a more simple life as a baker’s... Continue reading (full interview included):


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