Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Saudi Arabia Flag

Since 'Arab Spring' is supposedly targeting 'dictatorial' regimes in the region and since all Arabs deserve a spring why not assisting our brothers & non-car driving sisters in Arabia in speeding up the process there, the king promised reforms when he got to power on August 1st, 2005 so we'll help his promises to be fulfilled with the first step: A new flag.

The flag of any nation is its pride, it resembles its history, culture, sacrifices, plans for the future, its local, regional and international positioning and aspiration, and in order to 'Spring' it the 'Arab Spring' way, we need to wipe out all of that and start with a new page, whatever the outcome is, same like how Libyans had to get a new flag which was an old way and resembled their long days of being oppressed wiping out a whole period of their lives that witnessed at least: The longest man-made river on this planet, the free health, free education, jobs secured, interest free loans.. etc. 

Irrigation in the desert in Libya
thanks to Gaddafi's 'crazy plan' as some described of the GMMR Great Man Made River
Then in Syria again changing the flag for no good reason wiping out all the achievements of the Syrians under the period they had the current flag starting with self-sufficient food producing, controlled growing economy, powerful army to defend the country from all always waiting invaders and aggressors as we remember how president Bashar Assad kicked out Collin Powell from Damascus who came to dictate the 'victorious' in Iraq orders (terrorism referred to in the article linked meant the right to resist foreign occupation), FREE health care system, FREE education from 0 to PHD in all fields, secured pensions, very low interest loans for housing, agriculture & industrial purposes... So the enablers of the 'Arab Spring' brought the Syrians the flag which was imposed on them by the French occupiers then in 1930 in a symbolic gesture to take them back to that era, and it's no coincidence that the one of the most 'enthusiasts' about 'democratizing' Syria is no other than its old colonial occupiers: French & Ottomans..!

On May 14, 1930 the High Commissioner of the French Republic in the Levant, Henri Ponsot, issued decree number 3111 that would put the Constitution of the State of Syria, and in Article IV of Part I : "Syrian flag will be as follows: length double width, and is divided into three parallel and equal colors, the highest green, white then black, that the white section contains in a straight line three red five-pointed stars" source:
And since King Abdulla Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, a family owned business as you can tell from the name of the country, promised reforms in 2005, and as he's one of the main pushers in 'Spring-ing' Libya and now trying his best to 'Spring' Syria, why not assisting them in their first push towards being 'Spring-ed', so after changing the name of the country from the private owned 'Saudi' Arabia to Najd & Hijaz, they can change it later if they want, here's their new flag which I find it suitable and they should accept it, especially I'm not taking them back into history, instead I'm giving them a push forward:

New Saudi Arabia Flag
It's very simple to understand it, first it's a rectangle with its width half of its length, the green triangle at the bottom represents the Islam rising 1420 years ago, the white space is the empty minds that are pushing Islam back and trying to oppress the knowledge, wisdom and prosperity it brings, and the black borders are there to secure blocking both the open minded real Islam and the close minded empty heads oppressing it, represented in Oil color: black.

I hope they accept it without any problems so we can have an expedite blood-free 'democratization' of the nation 'helping' others 'democratized'.

Arab Spring - found

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