Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FSA Terrorists Will Reform You in USA

Mujahideen in Afghanistan fighting the USSR turned into Al Qaeda protecting opium fields in Afghanistan, turned into Terrorists fighting democracies turned into Freedom Fighters fighting Libyan regime turned into Rebels fighting Syrian regime turned into a Free Army for hire turned into Islamist Jihadists again.. 

Every time there's a justification by the US administration/s to support, finance, train, cover and market these ToDs Terrorists on Demand because everywhere there's a US interest on the other side of the planet, but it's the US ordinary citizen who is paying for all of that with their money, with their sons 'fighting' these terrorists, with their own welfare, with their children having new enemies created by them only, not to mention the atrocities committed against the poor civilians wherever the US deems the targets to be infested by its agents, the ToDs, or should we label them: USTSFA The United States Terror Spreading Federal Agency?!

I won't go into details how the USA created Al Qaeda and supervised their works, I'll leave you with the US sitting secretary of state Hillary Clinton, or as the free world call her: Hitlary Killington in her own words: 

In case you paid attention to how she described 'their Wahhabi brand of Islam', that's another very long and very controversial debate on the Wahhabi brand of Islam introduced not by Muslim Scholars, rather by the British MI6 in early 19th century in the desert of Arabia. 

Did I mention the vast reserves of mineral riches? Of course in addition to Opium: Afghanistan sitting on a gold mine, of course not to mention the oil & gas pipelines and that what might explain the desire of western countries to suddenly 'democratize' the countries on the line of the old Silk Road from China to Syria & the North Africa region.

Ok, that might sound like a conspiracy theory and conspiracy theory doesn't exist if you don't want to be mocked by the mainstream media in your area or your colleagues at the bar, but since it does not exist, can you tell me the job definition of the CIA? Yeah, conspiring theoretically to change regimes, or in other words... forget it.

Find unemployed youths among poor Muslims in rural areas, teach them the 'Wahhabi brand of Islam' and send them wherever you want as long as you provide them with weapons, money and political cover, you can initiate a religious war just anywhere on the planet. But wait, there's a price for committing such crimes against humanity, it's called Karma. Remember 9/11 terrorist attacks and how some cavemen from Tora Bora took out the most powerful advanced security systems in the world and ran the planes they hijacked into the 2 World Trade Center Buildings in New York and the third one the Tower 7 went down with them in a remarkable show of solidarity? They want you to believe it's Karma only, and take it at face value, Karma, so is what the following 'freedom fighter', 'Free Syrian Army Soldier', 'Rebel' wants to do: 

And if you think this is an isolated incident where the guy got carried out in his 'Wahhabi brand of Islam' teachings, then you should check the following, a group of 'freedom fighters', 'Free Syrian Army Soldiers', 'Rebels'.. in, again one of the caves somewhere in Syria, when they were high on weed what is their cause, maybe you can ask your government to send them more aid to help achieve their goals: 

Don't laugh, we have a saying in Syria in slang: the weapon in the hands of a sh*t (filth) cuts.. referring to a knife or a dagger, imagine a bazooka or a sniper rifle (some confiscated by Syrian Army are worth $25,000 each with high-tech remote control technology), not to mention the unstoppable suicide bombers.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable.

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