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Who Killed Wissam Hassan?

Wissam Hassan the right, left & 'front' hand of Saudi citizen former PM of Lebanon Saad Hariri
First thing I have to start is conveying my sincere condolences to the families of each victim in yesterday's Beirut terrorist attack and each terrorist attack especially what we are witnessing in Syria for the past 20 months by Saudi & Qatari paid, Turkish trained, NATO sponsored FSA & Al Qaeda terrorists.

To target any person without any regards to innocent human lives in the surrounding is a heinous crime, whether the target was worthy or not, only one nation on the planet doesn't care about collateral damages in its targeting process and you can guess it by yourselves. However evil & controversial was Wissam Hassan there's no justification to kill him that way or in any other way than present him to a court of law, try him and if he deserves to be killed: hang him properly in a public square.

The guy was no angel, and at the same time somehow he was accredited to the successful arrests of a number of israeli spies in Lebanon, while the big agents were and still on the loose there. His name was attached to each arrest in recent years of such spies in an obvious way to promote him as some kind of a hero while so many analyst in Lebanon were wondering about the possibility of a clean up process and a deliberate arrests process as if he knew the spies before and their role was over, I am not a fan of speculations but just conveying what analysts were discussing after each arrest! 

There's a saying in criminology that whoever throws accusations at the time of any crime might very likely be the criminal or a complicit trying to divert attention away or trying to build up on the crime especially the likes of this crime where the streets can be easily mobilized in sectarian Lebanon.

Gerhard Lehmann of ICC & Zuhari Seddiq stars of the false eye witnesses fabrication in the
assassination case of former Lebanese PM Rafic Hariri - Wissam Hassan - Saad Hariri
Wissam Hassan's name shored up very fast from the head of security of slain Rafic Hariri when the former prime minister of Lebanon was assassinated to the head of an illegal branch of security formed without a proper legislation from the Lebanese parliament and started grasping powers and acting like if in a police state, raising much controversial in Lebanon. He was promoted fast but in Lebanon anything can happen. The worst this guy would be remembered with was his role in fabricating false eye witnesses in his former boss's assassination, beside the non-moral behavior in his role in providing security which was not provided, he was not killed with the victim he's supposed to protect, and instead he managed to fabricate eye witnesses in the case which caused a huge turmoil in Lebanon's politics, the arrests of top 4 generals in security and defense in the country for 4 years without any reason and damaging the relations with Syria in addition to isolating Syria on the international arena.

Lebanese New TV satellite channel ran a documentary that exposed one recording where former ICC investigator Gerhard Lehmann, Zuhari Seddiq a former Syrian intelligent officer who defected before the assassination of Rafic Hariri, Wissam Hassan and Saad Hariri where they cooked the story of false witnesses in the case. Lehmann offered one of the 4 accused generals, namely Jamil Sayed, a deal where he'll Mr. Sayed's will not be accused in the crime and would be rewarded if he will give a testimony to implicit Syrian officials in the crime, of course Mr. Sayed refused and therefore spent 4 years in prison with no evidence, then Lehmann was caught on tape receiving a bribe to leak information & documents from the investigation in the crime: 

The documentary by New TV plays a sound recording where Lehmann, Seddiq, Wissam Hassan & Saad Hariri were discussing the fabrication of the false 'eye' witnesses in the crime: 

In a normal judiciary process, all those complicit in such fabrication should spent a very long time in prison especially because of the harm their fabrication resulted, but in Lebanon it's a different story: Hariri son was leading a political and parliament bloc, Wissam Hassan was promoted and his forces, the Information Branch, were given extra power in the state, Seddiq was promoted to a promoter of the Turkey based FSA terrorist organization and I have no idea about Lehmann nor do I care to know.

Wissam Hassan threatened Editor in Chief of Lebanese Diyar Newspaper after the latter exposed Hassan's meetings with israeli' Mossad officers and the meetings of Saad Hariri with israeli minister Danny Ayalon and published an article just 2 days before the assassination of Hassan accusing him for the threats the newspaper received: 

So Wissam Hassan was in good relations with Mossad officers, his new boss Saad Hariri was meeting israeli ministers, his former boss was killed when he was not there to protect him, threatening journalists exposing him.. and that's just the beginning.

But as I said earlier I'm not a fan of early accusations, and there's many more parties to be considered in this assassination. Just a few days ago a number of highly dangerous terrorists escaped from Roumieh prison east of Beirut and this is not the first time such dangerous terrorists escape from the same prison, whereas in the previous escapes one stands out among the others where the terrorists whom escaped were transported in cars similar to the ones used by a security branch close to former PM Saad Hariri..! In May 2012 another 14 terrorists were released from the same prison by 'financial bails'.

Does that raise a possibility that some of these fanatics might be behind yesterday's Ashrafiyeh crime? Let's not jump to conclusions, once more: I never like early accusations for such reasons, let's not forget the role Lebanese officials from Wissam Hassan's 'Political' bloc play in facilitating the transportation of weapons, terrorists and money into Syria through the long borders between the two countries. Would Syria be behind this crime? Very unlikely as Syria would be the biggest loser in the demise of this person because he knew a lot about these terrorists, their financiers, their local, regional and international enablers and their locations, and because all known liars like Junblat and ex-cons like Samir Geagea in Lebanon pointed the fingers directly at Syria, and because Syria is containing the situation inside and managed to secure the borders with Lebanon just recently and the fact that there is not one single precedent that ever implicates Syria with any assassination, while there are so many accusations not a single one materialized, Syria even lost its minister of defense and 3 other top generals in a terrorist attack in July 2012 and have all moral rights to take out the minister of defense and top generals in each of the countries involved in the current crisis there yet it didn't do so and wouldn't as far as its known about Syrian reactions, they don't do tit for tat, they just destroy the whole enemy when they can instead of taking out individuals or carrying out explosions...!

Syrian Defense Minister Daoud Rajha assassinated with 3 other top generals
in a terrorist attack in Damascus July 2012
How about the story of the 'eye' witness in the Smaha case: Milad Kfouri who disappeared with the help of none else than Wissam Hassan himself after implicating the former minister Smaha in a terrorist plot to transport a number of explosives from Syria to Lebanon which is the source usually of such explosives?! Where is Milad Kfouri? Could he have a hand in this especially it turned out that he's very close to Mossad?

What about Wissam Hassan's relations with a number of Arabic intelligence bodies like the Saudis headed by Bandar Bush and their man in Lebanon Assiri who spent some time as an intelligence officer in Afghanistan, the Egyptians and the Jordanians, not to forget recently the Turkish, the French, the MI6 and of course the CIA...

Wissam Hassan died because he knew too much, he met with the wrong people, played with the wrong parties the wrong games, took the wrong sides, worked in politics while he's in his security post. Some might consider him a hero but only time can tell who killed him and what type of a person he was for real.

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