Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Syrian Army Destroyed NATO Turkish Vehicle South of Aleppo

Aleppo province is the second most populace province in Syria and its ill fate put it on the southern borders of Turkey which has been proven to be the wrong neighbor throughout its history through this very day, these days it's part of NATO, the aggressive evil criminal alliance of former colonizers and wannabes.

Syrian Army Unit Destroys a Turkish Military Vehicle Southwest of Aleppo

A propaganda outlet for the Turkish madman Erdogan claimed that a Syrian army unit destroyed a Turkish vehicle in the vicinity of Al Atarib town, a Syrian town of Syrian people in the countryside of Syrian Aleppo province in northern Syria, the Turkish vehicle belongs to an invading army illegally on Syrian soil for many years now oppressing the Syrian people under the occupation of the NATO Turkish army and its affiliated assorted Al Qaeda terrorist groups.

The propaganda outlet further added that 2 Turkish soldiers were injured in the attack and the Turkish army 'retaliated in self-defense against Syrian army positions' on Syrian soil.

NATO armies seem to think they have the right to invade other countries then attack the legitimate forces of the countries they invade in 'self-defense' even when there was a treaty signed by the neighboring countries which the NATO member state in this case did not respect, there's no denunciation of the Turkish invasion of Syria, no condemnation of Turkish sponsoring of terrorist groups, no calls to 'take out' the Turkish madman Erdogan despite his crimes against everybody, then looking at the West's reaction to the Russian special military operation in Ukraine makes us Syrians, and surely the rest of the world, disgusted of this hypocrisy.

There were no immediate confirmations by Syrian sources of this attack, further details in this report: Syrian Army Unit Destroys a Turkish Military Vehicle Southwest of Aleppo.

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