Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Syrian Army Frees 5 Kidnapped Soldiers and a Body of an Iranian Military Advisor

Through a 'mediator', the Syrian army exchanged 3 NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda commanders with 5 kidnapped Syrian soldiers and the body of an Iranian IRGC military advisor who was killed last year in Idlib southern countryside.

The Syrian Army Frees 5 Soldiers Kidnapped by Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

The exchange occurred at the Tronbeh frontline between the Syrian army and the parts of Idlib countryside cleaned from the terrorists and the HTS aka Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant operating under the protection of NATO's 2nd largest army, the Turkish army.

The site of the exchange hints that the Russians might be the 'mediator' party who helped facilitate this swap, the Russians maintain good relations with the Turks who in turn control the Al Qaeda and ISIS-affiliated terrorist groups operating in northern Syria.

On the other hand, European countries continue their inhumane rejection of repatriating their Al Qaeda citizens arrested by the Syrian law enforcement agencies.

Let's see how NATO apologists will explain how could such a deal happen with the Turkish direct involvement with their relationship with the Al Qaeda-affiliated 'Jaish Izza' which kidnapped the Syrian soldiers?

More about this operation and the IRGC military advisor whose body was in the exchange deal in this report: The Syrian Army Frees 5 Soldiers Kidnapped by Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib.

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