Friday, February 4, 2022

Biden Massacres 13 People to Take Out an unknown Head of ISIS, Allegedly

Mid 2022 elections are looming, his approval ratings are at their lowest, failed to achieve any of his junta's set goals, the economy is deteriorating, what to do? Joe Biden did like every one of his predecessors: Kill someone across the planet and make a hype out of it.

Biden Regime Massacres Syrian Civilians, Claims Death of New ISIS Head

George W. Bush killed Saddam Hussein, for no good reason, Obama claimed he killed his buddy Osama (Bin Laden) and buried his body at sea as per Sharia law without defining which Sharia because Muslims bury their dead in graves.

Then Trump, who doesn't like Obama and would do everything opposite to him, claims he killed Baghdadi, not when Baghdadi was still commanding his terrorists and roaming the lands he conquered between Syria and Iraq (with the help of US and British forces), rather after the Baghdadi was maimed and set to retire in a resort under the protection of the Turkish army (NATO's second-largest army) in Idlib, Al Qaeda's last stronghold in Syria! No need to produce any corpse as it was lost in some tunnel, take his words for it...

Now Biden, with his miserable performance on all levels, claims he killed Baghdadi's successor, he follows the footsteps of his former boss Obama and his buddy Trump in killing an obsolete said to be the head of ISIS, also in his retreat in a resort in Idlib under the very nose of Erdogan and his NATO's second-largest army, yup, the Turkish army. Biden doesn't need to produce a corpse to prove he killed the man, not because he buried him at sea, that is already used, nor because he lost the body in a tunnel, that is already used as well, but this unknown leader of ISIS blows himself up after an hours-long exchange of fire with 4 sets of airborne mercenaries (special ops).

The exchange of fire, we're told, killed 13 civilians including 6 children and 3 women, 'the price is worth it', elections are looming, and also there's a torn apart chopper, we're told it was not damaged during the fighting and there were no US troops injured, let alone killed, just like that the chopper decided to malfunction and was later further destroyed by the US forces and left for the terrorists to collect.

In all of the above incidents involving US presidents extrajudicially killing people on the other side of the planet, the US presidents committed war crimes in countries without the consent of their official governments, killed someone who previously was either their own ally, like Saddam and Osama, or was in their prisons like Baghdadi and this latest dude, his name is so irrelevant even if I mention it here you won't memorize it.

Will this war crime help boost Biden's approval ratings and his party won't lose more in the upcoming elections? Let's see whether he has more luck than Trump who is anxiously waiting.

More in this excellent report by investigative political analyst Miri Wood: Biden Regime Massacres Syrian Civilians, Claims Death of New ISIS Head.

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