Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Israel Commits a Double War Crime Bombing Damascus from over Beirut

The Israeli warplanes (US-made and granted for free plus munition plus cash) carried out a new attack against the Syrian capital Damascus, and as usual, from far away and this time it was from above the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Israel Bombs Damascus Outskirts from Over the Lebanese Capital Beirut

The distance between Beirut and Damascus is barely 80 kilometers (50 miles), the Israeli fighter jets used the Anti-Lebanon Mountains as their buffer to fire their missiles from behind it in order to avoid the Syrian air defense systems, and firing the missiles from above inhabited urban centers is another attempt to cause harm on the civilians if the missiles were blown up in the mid-air over those areas.

This latest Israeli aggression and breach of International Law is the first this year after a month of silence from the Israelis since their last attack on the Syrian main port Latakia.

All Syrian analysts, some with connections to the Syrian leadership, affirm that as long as Israel does not cross the red lines and bomb a strategic target within Syria, all of its bombings will be retaliated against at the proper time and in the proper method, not a tit for tat, responding by bombing Israel will give the White House junta of demented Biden an excuse to drag the US military which is already illegally deployed in Syria into a regional war nobody other than Israel is itching for.

The Syrian army continues to prioritize the eliminating of the more dangerous, the US-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS suicide bombers, those are more harmful than these Israeli air raids and when the backbone of these terrorists is broken, especially after their US protectors are withdrawn from Syria, the Israelis will get paid back.

More in this report: Israel Bombs Damascus Outskirts from Over the Lebanese Capital Beirut.

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