Monday, January 24, 2022

Syria Rebuilding and Restoring Peace: 100,000 Displaced Refugees Return to Darayya

More than 100,000 residents out of 300,000 have already returned to the city of Darayya in Damascus Countryside province, and the city's council has concluded the removal of the rubble.

Darayya when visited by the US-sponsored 'Freedom Fighters'
Darayya when visited by the US-sponsored 'Freedom Fighters'

People usually forget certain names after some time especially when it's not reported constantly, this is applicable to Darayya, a small city to the southwest of the Syrian capital Damascus, the city was a star on every western mainstream media outlet for more than 2 years until Al Qaeda took control of it, then again it came back to the spotlight when the Syrian army liberated it, then forgotten, or better say ignored.

Positive news does not attract the audience as much as the news of killing and inflicting suffering on other human beings, that's why you don't hear the names of the cities liberated in Syria or on the verge of getting liberated, but you'll be bombarded with all sorts of lies and literally, any news to the extent of a man got hit by a car to blame it on the opponent of the masterminds behind those news outlets.

In August 2016, Darayya was completely cleaned from Al Qaeda Levant terrorists, you might know them as the Free Syrian Army or 'moderate rebels' aka 'freedom fighters', mutated later to ISIS and its ilk. The only news you might have heard about the military operation that led to the liberating of the city is that the Syrian army soldiers are killing civilians who happen to be their own family members while Al Qaeda in Syria is there to protect them and the USA and its allies need to protect those in turn. Believe what you want, the events in this city are over long ago and it's restoring life with its real residents.

The following report highlights the latest updates on the returnees and the rebuilding of the city despite the inhumane blockade and sanctions imposed by the fake humanitarian USA and its NATO stooges: Darayya: 100,000 Displaced Return to their Homes, City’s Rubble Cleared.

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