Thursday, November 11, 2021

It's Not Credible News if It's Not from a Large MSM Source, Yeah Right!

I run a small simple news site "Syria News" focused mostly on my country Syria and been doing so for the past 10 years or more, I came forward due to the lack of credible news been reported in English from Syria and decided on this journey after seeing the massive sheer of lies the western mainstream media was emitting.

I'm not a journalist, never was one, never dreamt of being a journalist or a reporter, it's totally the opposite of my work, I am definitely not a Pulitzer Prize winner, and never thought of achieving anything further than letting the Syrian voices get heard abroad and getting the real narrative out, we've all seen the mainstream media, mainly the 'most esteemed' ones of them how they lied about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and never argued the Pentagon narrative, then with simple research discovered that they did the same with every Pentagon's military adventure abroad.

Officials in other countries however criminal and ruthless dictators they are, they are praised by the western MSM, their people who protest against them are the evil ones and largely neglected - Yellow Vests in France send their regards here, while the officials who do not bow to the Pentagon's will, the Pentagon being the beating hand of the 'establishment' that drives from the back seat in the West, those officials who seek independence for their countries are always demonized, their governments are called regimes, they don't have governments or institutions: it's Putin running all of Russia, it's the Bashar Assad regime in Syria and it's Assad forces when talking about the Syrian Arab Army which comprises of mostly conscripts from all over the country, and Fidel Castro is bad and the CIA must be praised for attempting to kill him 600 times! Imagine the intelligence agencies of another country plotting to kill your president!

In almost every post I share online from my site I get the usual replies: This is not a credible source, you're an Assad apologist as if that's something bad to start with, they decided he's bad based on the reports they saw in their 'credible' media, well, I gift you the Christopher Steele saga and his dossier:

A tiny sample of the replies I get, this one from a subreddit:

I'm not a Pulitzer Prize winner and won't be honored to be one seeing who they give their prizes to, I'm just echoing the voices of my people in Syria who were subjected to the most vicious war in over a century waged against them by the superpowers and super-rich 'regimes' in the world along with up to 80 other countries for the past decade using 350,000 terrorists brought in from all sides of the planet with the help of NATO's and Co 'intelligence agencies' and their mainstream media propagandists only because they are a free people who said NO to the US hegemony and won the unwinnable battle.

The next time someone asks for a credible source when presented with our news, the above will be thrown at their dumb heads.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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