Sunday, November 14, 2021

Pentagon Lies Getting Exposed One at a Time

A couple of days ago I wrote a short post highlighting a report by an Australian broadcaster discussing what they called the 'biggest media scam of the century' referring to a joint scam by the US Democratic Party and its leaders and a large number of 'Pulitzer Prize' winning mainstream media outlets the New York Times and the Washington Post regarding the Trump's Russia collusion rubbish.

In my previous post, I used the above story which was pushed upon the world's politics for 3 years and now exposed to show that the leading western mainstream media are not to be relied on for reliable news and especially when it comes to their systematic and organized 'collusion' with the Pentagon when the latter targets another country, in my case, Syria.

I also showed how western Sheeple who would attack me and my contributions as they tend to take whatever those same mainstream media outlets say over any other alternative media sources including my own small news site Syria News which I started immediately at the beginning of the US-led war on my country when I saw there's not only lack of real news coming out of Syria in English, there's a systematic internationally-coordinated campaign to fake that narrative to justify a regime change in another country around the world, and enough is enough.

Today, I bring you another story which we reported at the time of happening, another deliberate massacre carried out by the Pentagon killing over 20 civilians in the small Syrian city of Baghuz in eastern Deir Ezzor province on January 19, 2019, almost 3 years ago. Guess what, just yesterday the Pentagon warmongers started revealing that massacre which they denied happened back then.

See the date:

Usually, such revelations do happen about war crimes committed by the USA and other 'democracy and freedoms' exporters around the world, but in all prior to Syria cases, they were only revealed after the country is destroyed and turned into a failed state. In Syria, however, we decided to stand up to the aggressors, fight back, and expose their crimes as they were committing it and you can go through the extensive reports I've done on my site Syria News and on my Twitter account Arabi Souri. Facebook and YouTube closed my accounts, several times that I reached a conclusion it's a waste of time making new accounts there again and after spending extensive efforts on their platforms I get my accounts, pages, groups, channels deleted.

Even platforms like 3Speak, D.Tube, LiveLeak, Quora, Reddit, even Reddit!, BitChute to a lesser extent, and many others who say they're open free space for alternative news censored much of contents, that much how the westerners were brainwashed to take one narrative, the Pentagon's over ours.

I do NOT ask you to take my sources for granted, we do not force others to believe us, we're winning the war of information just like how we, ONLY WE, the Syrians and our allies, defeated ISIS, Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant) in all their names, and other terrorist groups the US and its evil camp brought us, we only ask the smart people in the west to open their eyes, apply common sense and logic, especially on the simplest narratives parrotted by the Pentagon and its warmongers such as the Syrian army men are killing their own children and relatives for the Syrian President, and the USA and its camp need to save those children by bombing another country and financing 'freedom fighters' or 'moderate opposition rebels'!!

Or that the Syrian Army soldiers are using chemical weapons against only children and women in an area they already defeated the terrorists at and they enter to after few hours, chemical weapons do not disappear instantly, they remain in the area and they are called weapons of mass destruction for their mass destruction of the areas, not a flying cylinder which lands gently on the bed on the first floor of a multi-story residential building penetrating one ceiling after the other and only got a tiny dent on its top like the Duma chemical attack hoax, or whatever nonsense they use to justify another catastrophe, another refugee crisis, another destroyed country, another people displaced, maimed, and killed, and another trillion of dollars added to the taxpayers' burden in their own country.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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