Wednesday, October 20, 2021

New Terrorist Attack in Damascus Kills 14 People

A Terrorist attack blew up a bus carrying employees in the Syrian capital Damascus in the early morning today killed all 14 of them and injured 3 others.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the attack yet, we don't expect the Pentagon to issue any statement now taking credit for it, it might be released from their archives after 30 years, we do expect some low-level Pentagon employees to claim responsibility for this heinous crime like the spokesperson of ISIS or other Al Qaeda group.

The bus belongs to the Military Housing Establishment, it carries architects and engineers working for the establishment, there might be some military personnel among them but usually, it's civilians working for the establishment as all Syrians know.

We're expecting an escalation in such attacks as more areas are cleaned from the US proxies in the country, the USA is trying to achieve any gains from its 10.5 years of the war of terror it waged against the Syrian people before its withdrawal from the country.

More in this report: Terrorist Attack Targets a Bus in Damascus Kills 14 and Injures 3 Others.

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