Wednesday, October 20, 2021

NATO, Saudis, and Qatar wants another Constitution for Syria or Continue their Destabilizing Efforts

The same parties that waged the war of terror on Syria, created, funded, recruited, armed, trained, and smuggled into Syria tens of thousands, rather hundreds of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists imported from all sides of Earth to 'spread freedom and democracy' on the Syrian people are trying now with the Constitution Committee as one of their last cards to be able to install a puppet regime in Damascus after all their other tools have failed.

Syrian Opposition Object Sovereignty Article in the Proposed Constitution!

The sad part is this is being pressured on the Syrian people with the approval of the United Nations which in turn is controlled by the NATO permanent member states the USA, France, and the UK, who only worked to colonize, destabilize, overthrow elected governments around the world, and invade dozens of countries since the establishment of the UN, they are not accepting a country, especially the size of Syria, to cause them all this hardship and cost them all these hundreds of billions of dollars and above all of that fail in taking over the country by all and any means.

In every country there are traitors, usually, traitors hide behind patriotic slogans because it's a shameful thing to be a traitor especially in civilized nations, the Syrian oppositionists are some sort of an exception, they are the ones who openly called on NATO to bomb their country to help them reach power there, they are the ones who covered the heinous crimes and massacres committed by the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIS against their own people, and they are the ones now objecting the notion in the constitution they want to rewrite for Syria where it says that traitors are subject to prosecution and punishment, the head of their delegation to the talks in Geneva said that openly.

More in this shocking report: Syrian Opposition Object Sovereignty Article in the Proposed Constitution!

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