Thursday, October 21, 2021

Someone Bombed the US Army in the Syrian Desert with 5 Drones

There must have been casualties among the Biden forces illegally deployed in Al Tanf in the depth of the Syrian desert at the joint borders with Iraq and Jordan, their housing units and barracks were directly hit by drone suicide bombs and by Grad missiles.

5 Kamikaze Drones Bomb Biden Forces Illegally Deployed in Syrian Al Tanf

Biden forces maintain the 55 square kilometers no-fly zone established by Biden / Obama and Trump regimes in the southeast of Syria, they protect the last remnant of an ISIS affiliate the so-called 'Maghawir Thawra' who in turn hold hundreds of Syrian families hostages in the infamous Rukban concentration camp, these ISIS affiliates were also targeted in this bombing.

This bombing is a retaliation expected after the US and Israeli jets bombed a Syrian base housing Syrian Army soldiers and its allied forces near Tadmor (Palmyra) on the 13th of this month, October, the targeted units are fighting ISIS remnants in the Syrian central desert, they vowed to avenge the bombing and it was a matter of time for this hit.

Despite the heavy air defense protecting the US illegal forces in the area, the drones reached their targets and delivered a new blow to the fading evil empire.

Details in this report: 5 Kamikaze Drones Bomb Biden Forces Illegally Deployed in Syrian Al Tanf.

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