Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Civilian Casualties in NATO Terrorists Infighting in Afrin, in Northern Syria

Late night infighting between two terrorist groups in the northwestern Syrian occupied city of Afrin left several civilians injured, their properties damaged, and more civilians fleeing their homes.

Erdogan Terrorist Groups Infighting in Afrin Results in Civilian Casualties

In the fighting which started at 2 am yesterday local time between two terrorist groups both of which are working directly under the command of the Turkish madman Erdogan, light and medium weapons were used including machine guns, RPGs, and grenades, local sources confirmed.

The fight only stopped when a 3rd terrorist group mediated between the fighters but the damage was already done.

This repeated infighting and clashes between mercenary terrorists are common when fighting over bounties and the split of war spoils, especially that most of the terrorists occupying parts in northern Syria under the protection of the Turkish Army, NATO's second largest army, are foreign terrorists imported from all sides of the world with billions of Dollars and Euros from the US and European taxpayers and ruling families in the Gulf, with only one goal: kill innocent Syrians, loot their belongings, and destroy their country.

More about this latest round of chaos and terror in this report: Erdogan Terrorist Groups Infighting in Afrin Results in Civilian Casualties - video included.

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