Sunday, March 7, 2021

Syrian Army Destroys Massive Erdogan's Family Facility for Stolen Syrian Oil

A facility run by the family of the Turkish Madman Erdogan and his assorted groups of Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists to store and refine stolen Syrian oil in northern Aleppo countryside was completely destroyed by the Syrian Army late Friday evening.

SAA Destroys Erdogan Stolen Syrian Oil Facility Northern Aleppo

Footage emerging from the site shows tremendous destruction of the facility, many oil thieves terrorists were killed and injured in the military operation.

The Syrian Army is said to have used Tochka surface-to-surface pin-pointed missiles in the operation, the missiles are capable of causing massive destruction as they blow up about 16 meters off the surface, ideal for such targeting.

Erdogan, and his terrorists, have been constantly warned and ordered to stop the oil theft by the Syrian authorities directly and through the Russian and Iranian governments, only to deaf ears. UNSC relevant resolutions and Astana agreements signed by the NATO member pariah Erdogan regime affirm the respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, however, is a NATO member state and the world knows how much these war criminals despise international law and the UNSC and only use them to justify their interventions.

More in this report: SAA Decimates Stolen Syrian Oil Facilities Run by Erdogan and al-Qaeda.

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