Monday, March 8, 2021

NATO Members of the UNSC Whitewash Crimes by Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria

NATO member states of the United Nations Security Council insist on turning the council's name to 'Insecurity Council' with their malign repetitive and very destructive acts demonizing governments and whitewashing the crimes of their proxy terrorist groups, including groups they themselves designate as terrorists, in their countries, this is very much demonstrated in their handling of their war on Syria in the diplomatic corridors.

If there's no periodic meeting they will call for one, and if there's any other meeting they'll try their best to include in the agenda any mention of Syria to try to pass any paper they could use to wage their long-awaited Libya/ Iraq-styled invasion on Syria.

In their meeting on the 25th of February, they needed to be scolded by Syria's new ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bassam Sabbagh, who replaces the charismatic and seasoned top diplomat Dr. Bashar Jaafari who assumed office in Syria as deputy minister of foreign affairs.

Those representatives who breathed relief to the promotion Dr. Jaafari received so they feel less guilt as it was his constant habit in shaming them for their crimes they're attempting and trying to attempt against his country, those were soon devastated to see Dr. Sabbagh is laser-focused on their acts.

During the useless meeting where NATO member states tried to open new corridors only to areas controlled by Al-Qaeda while making sure the siege and draconian blockade are tight on the regions under the control of the Syrian government, Dr. Sabbagh took them to the woods, stripped them naked, and slapped their ugly faces -both upper face and lower ones as he couldn't determine which is which for the ugliness of their souls.

His 11 minutes speech addressing the council was enough to while reasoning out of donkeys, but not at the helm of the highest diplomatic body in the world: UNSC NATO Klan Holds its Biweekly Colonialist Meeting against Syria.

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