Sunday, March 7, 2021

New Day Brings More of NATO Terror to Ordinary Syrians

NATO-sponsored terrorists in the northwest and southwest of Syria continue to inflict suffering and loss of lives among the ordinary Syrian people, the main targets of NATO's evilness with no clue at all why citizens of NATO member states hate the Syrian people that much!

little Syrian boy being fitted for prosthetic arm
Little Syrian boy being fitted for prosthetic arm

Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists based in their NATO-protected dens in Idlib bombed the houses of residents in the town of Jourin, near Jisr Al Shoghour, the town was liberated from NATO not long ago but still lives under the constant terror of the most evil alliance of a diversity of countries the world ever saw.

In the south of Syria in the countryside of Daraa, terror continues to harvest souls and futures of the Syrian children, 3 of them were excited about a candy box that was connected to a detonator of a bomb planted in the bricks of a wall of their house they recently returned to after al Qaeda was evicted from the region. Injuries from explosives usually vary from losing limbs to lifetime disabilities and trauma.

More in this report: Busy Day for NATO Terrorists in Syria: 3 Kids Hurt by IED, Homes Bombed.

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