Saturday, February 13, 2021

Hypocrite US Officials Call on Syria to Stop Fighting Terror

One of the things that do not change in the US foreign policy is their constant hypocrisy with the use of loud propaganda and diplomatic pressure to achieve the same goals in different ways and always they're right because they promote democracy (lol) while their targeted countries are evil because they resist the US-styled democracy for them.

NATO hyenas attacking Syria

Syria had a huge share of this US demonizing and onslaught attacks ever since the US officials wanted to subdue this country and continue to fail to do so and thus continue to increase the pressure on the Syrian people.

Since the early days of the US-led war of terror and attrition waged on the Syrian people in 2011, the US officials maintained the same narrative whether their president was black, orange, or diverse white, that is: Syria should accept the US-imposed puppets or else have to fight tens of thousands of terrorists as much as the US taxpayers and the US regional proxies can afford to send to Syria, you know, to impose the surplus of democracy exported by the USA to the Syrian people.

Syrians, naturally, resisted the US pressure and despite 'killing PNAC' as one of the leading US think tankers once put it, the US is not giving up. One of their methods in addition to terror, economic sanctions, blockade, and assassinations is the use of the United Nations and in particular its Security Council where 3 NATO hyenas dominate the supposed-to-be guardian of international peace and international law.

In its process and in its dozens of meetings called for by NATO member states, way more than 100 meetings, the US and its stooges finally convinced the Russians and Chinese to adopt Resolution 2254, but they were able to do so only after accepting to unanimously adopt the UNSC Resolution 2253 which calls on all parties to fight terrorist funding and sources disregarding its source or purpose. Merely half an hour after adopting Res. 2253, as per some sources, the UNSC Resolution 2254 was adopted which calls in some of its articles for a political solution for the Syrian crisis and to, and here comes the magical word, 'democratize' the country.

That's fine, but that comes in further down articles, while Resolution 2254 starts with a preface strongly respecting Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country illegal presence there. For some reason, known of course to us, the US officials and their NATO stooges can't see the preface and jump directly to the final parts of the resolution trying to make the Syrians have 'peaceful transition of power' to their approved opposition including terrorist groups designated as such by no other than the United Nations Security Council.

A tweet last week by the United States of America mission to the United Nations came just in the same rhetoric repeating the same demands:


So I had to reply to them:


How about you start 1st with UN Resolution 2254 in its first paragraph and withdraw your Oil Thieves Regiment from #Syria, and implement #UN Res. 2253 in full, the previous resolution, and stop supporting terrorist groups.
Elementary: 1, 2, 3 not 6, 9,7.

The next time you hear the US officials or anybody else calling on Syria to implement the UNSC Resolution 2254, ask them first to implement UNSC Resolution 2253 and the first paragraph of UNSC Resolution 2254, then call on the Syrian government to share power with the 'opposition' if there would be any left after removing Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and others sponsored by NATO in Syria.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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