Saturday, February 13, 2021

ISIS Terrorist Blows Up his Car in his Friends Killing 20 of Them in Iraq

An Iraqi ISIS terrorist wanted to farewell his friends before he goes on his mission to kill Iraqi policemen, instead, he takes his friends with him on his suicide journey.

Iraqi ISIS terrorist blows up his car in his friends

The anti-Islamic US-sponsored ISIS suicide terrorist honked his car horn to greet his friends forgetting that the horn button was the detonation button for his booby-trapped car, all 20 of his friends were killed with him, the incident happened in Samarra north of Baghdad.

Iraqi is witnessing a sharp and deadly escalation in ISIS attacks ever since the Iraqi government asked the US troops to leave their country in January last year after Donald Trump killed the Iranian IRGC and Iraqi PMU commanders who led the fight against ISIS and defeated it.

God saved the Iraqi Federal Policemen manning the checkpoint in the Al-Jallam Industrial zone, central Iraq.

More in this report: Iraqi ISIS Suicide Terrorist Kills 20 of His Friends by Mistake.

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