Friday, February 12, 2021

Biden Steals Syria's Wheat then Moves Troops to Iraq

After emptying its contents, Biden forces vacated a wheat silos facility in northeast of Syria and moved the troops with their equipment to Iraq.

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For years, the US Army's Oil Thieves Regiment has been plundering Syria's wealth, especially oil and wheat, from the regions it illegally occupies in the country with the help of its proxies of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Kurdish SDF separatist armed groups. Biden with his diversified new regime is continuing the policies set by him under Obama and continued through Trump, only selecting sugarcoated language instead of Trump's vulgar words.

Hundreds of millions of oil barrels and tens of thousands of metric tonnes of wheat stolen from the Syrian people were smuggled by the US army into Iraq and elsewhere to finance its covert operations around the world.

At dawn today, the forces occupying the Tal Allo wheat silos facility in the northeastern province of Hasakah were seen packing and moving toward Iraq through an illegal border crossing.

More in this report: Biden Forces Vacate a ‘Wheat Silos Army Base’ in Hasakah after Looting it.

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