Thursday, February 11, 2021

Teenager Killed by Landmine Explosion North of Aleppo

A teenager was killed by a landmine explosion in the northern outskirts of Aleppo city earlier today, Aleppo Police Command stated.

Landmine explosion Syria - IED improvised explosive device - arc

The landmine and tens of thousands of other landmines are planted by NATO-sponsored terrorists in all the regions they infested all over the country and their explosions are claiming the lives of more Syrians, especially children and farmers every single day.

Turkey, NATO's second most important member state, refuse to cooperate with the United Nations Landmine Mission UNMAS to handover maps of the landmines the terrorists it directly supervised have planted all over its southern neighbor Syria.

In addition to the killings, landmine explosions and IED - Improvised Explosive Devices explosions also cause severe and long-lasting injuries among the wounded who don't die from the impact, in most of cases the victims lose limbs and suffer disabilities for the rest of their lives.

This young man killed today was 17 years old shepherd grazing his sheep in the Castillo area next a couple of kilometers north of Aleppo.

More in this report: Young Man Killed in a Landmine Explosion in Castillo, Northwest of Aleppo.

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