Friday, December 25, 2020

Syrian Army and Russian Air Force Bomb NATO Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

Syrian Arab Army units operating in Idlib and Russian air forces targeted a number of terrorists' gatherings in Idlib, northwest of Syria in retaliation to terrorists' attacks against the villages in the region.

Idlib - Terrorist of US-sponsored Izzat Army

A Russian air strike bombed gatherings of the terrorists in the Akrad Mountain, northern Latakia countryside, the strike left a number of the terrorists killed and injured.

The Syrian Army units operating in the southern Idlib countryside retaliated to indiscriminate attacks by the terrorists against the liberated villages in Idlib, the SAA used artillery and missiles in responding to the source of fires in Kafar Aweed, Fatterah, and Sufuhon, west of Maarat Numan in the southern countryside of Idlib silencing the source of firing.

An SAA unit also targeted a vehicle carrying terrorists with a Kornet missile near the Ghaniyah village in Al Ghab Plain, both terrorists reportedly severely injured in the attack.

Despite a third agreement between the Turkish madman Erdogan and the Russian President Putin in early March this year where Erdogan promised to end the support for Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib and to eliminate the groups that wouldn't withdraw, the terrorists in Idlib instead received massive supplies in weapons, munition, and even personnel through Turkey.

More in this report: Syrian Army and Russian Air Force Target Terrorists Gatherings in Idlib.

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