Friday, December 25, 2020

New Israeli Bombing against Syria from Lebanon on Christmas Eve, Again

The latest Israeli aggression against the central Syrian city of Masyaf came shortly after midnight local time, the Israeli fighter jets fired their missiles from across the Lebanese northern city of Tripoli toward Syrian territories.

Israeli aggression on Masyaf 25 Dec 2020 from over Lebanon

No casualties have been reported by the time of writing this report, the aggression came at 12:40 am 25 December 2020.

The Israelis hit and run tactics from across the borders is nothing new as well, they stopped strolling Syrian skies after the SAA shot down two of their most advanced fighter jets, one of them was an F35 and the other a modernized F16 a couple of years ago.

They do endanger Lebanese civilians in their aggression, they also used commercial airplanes packed with civilian passengers firing from behind it toward the Syrian territories to achieve two targets: first to shed themselves from SAA air defense systems as the missiles go after the larger birds, and also to cause a catastrophe which they can accuse the SAA of killing hundreds of civilians on commercial airplanes if the SAA fire back at them, such evil tactics come only from super evil people.

This latest aggression was anticipated, Israel takes advantage of certain religious dates to send their messages of despise to God's religions. Also, as Trump's days at the White House are running out fast, in addition to Netanyahu's own legal problems which he keeps repeating the elections until he can get a majority to save him from the prison awaiting him.

More in this report: Israel Bombs Masyaf in Central Syria on Christmas Eve, as Expected.

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