Saturday, December 26, 2020

Russian Military Comb M4 Artery in Idlib by Helicopters

After being blocked by Turkey-sponsored al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib from combing the M4 Motorway, the Russian army in Syria carried out its mission from the air.

Russian military helicopters comb M4 highway in Idlib

Combing the M4 highway connecting east Syria to its west through Idlib province is tasked to both the Russian military and the Turkish army within the framework of the Moscow Agreement signed by the Russian President Putin and the Turkish madman Erdogan.

Instead of implementing the Moscow Agreement which was also an agreement to implement the previous agreements all of which Erdogan failed to implement, the Turkish madman augmented the Al Qaeda terrorists' presence in the Syrian northwestern province through the borders with Turkey and supplied them with more weapons and gears.

The unlimited support Al Qaeda terrorists receive from NATO member state Turkey gave them more confidence to target the Russian military directly, in last July, they blew up a car next to a Russian military police vehicle on the M4.

Details of this latest development and a video released by the Russian military is in this report: Russian Military Patrols M4 Highway in Idlib Province by Helicopters.

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