Tuesday, December 8, 2020

One More British ISIS Bride Found in Syria

Another Royal ISIS lady terrorist was found in a Syrian camp for refugees run by Trump forces and their Kurdish proxies northeast of Syria, this one hails from London and is a member of the Syrian opposition!

British ISIS terrorist Nasra Abukar found in Syria

Nasra Abukar serves in the 'regime of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd's Royal Army of terrorists'  sent to Syria to spread freedom and democracy the British commons have a surplus of them. Her services include sexual pleasure to whoever accepted to 'marry' her in the anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood ritual called 'Jihad Nikah' or 'Sex Jihad'.

She's not the first European member of the 'Syrian armed opposition', just for a second think of the term: 'armed opposition' and ask yourself whether your government would accept an armed opposition against them, then ask yourself whether they'd accept foreign suicide bombers, liver eaters, head-choppers, sponsored by a 'coalition' of other countries in order to spread those countries' values in your country, and mind you, those countries include the likes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two absolute fiefdoms with no constitution, and the world's last apartheid state Israel?

This ISIS bride joins others of lust-seekers who traveled to please the head-choppers and suicide bombers in Syria and ended up in a concentration camp run by the CIA, however, the regime of Elizabeth the Second refuses to retrieve her for now despite the close ties between the 2 of the 5 Eyes: CIA and MI6.

Details in this report: Nasra Abukar: Another British Terrorist in Syria Wants to Go Home.

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